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Summer is coming. Are you ready for it? Expectation: You rent a cute place for the summer with your best pals.
Reality: You move back in with your parents.
Expectation: You land an awesome PAID internship at a cool company.
Reality: You end up working for less than minimum wage at the mall.
Expectation: Of course you find the time & money to backpack through Europe for a few weeks
Reality: Family vacation!
Expectation: You have an epic summer romance.
Reality: Finding a fling is hard. Staying in with Netflix isn’t.
Expectation: You use your free time to catch up on great works of literature and Oscar-winning documentaries
Reality: You devote every hour to the best summer shows.
Expectation: You keep yourself college-ready by getting ahead on your academic reading list
Reality: I’m sorry, reading?

Expectation: You’ll reunite with your best friends from high school.
Reality: You barely make it through one dinner with them.
Expectation: You work really hard for the perfect beach body.
Reality: Your beach bod is immediately ruined by your daily diet of ice cream.

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