GOP House candidate will stop ‘big government tyranny’ with government sponsored religion

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Jody Hice is running for Congress in Georgia. He also has an internet radio show, which he earnestly refers to as “one of the most important cultural programs anywhere around.”
On Thursday, Hice decided to talk about how he agrees with Antonin Scalia’s remarks in a speech he gave earlier this month at Colorado Christian University on the concept of the separation of church and state.
“I think the main fight is to dissuade Americans from what the secularists are trying to persuade them to be true: that the separation of church and state means that the government cannot favor religion over non-religion,” Scalia said, and then whined a bunch about how it’s not fair that “secularists” want to take “Under God” out of the pledge despite the fact that it wasn’t there to begin with.
That actually is what it means. It also means that the government cannot favor one religion over another. It’s not actually that big a deal. I’m pretty sure that if you are truly faithful in your religion, that you probably don’t require an entire system of government standing behind you giving you the thumbs up. I manage to not believe in god just fine without any help from the government.
However, Hice believes it is definitely the government’s job to sponsor and encourage religion. Because, you see, if people are religious then they don’t break the law, and then you don’t need big government.
Personally, I can’t think of any government “bigger” than a government that sticks its nose in people’s personal beliefs about religion, but that’s just me.
Via RawStory:
“To be in the midst of a fight against secularists who are trying to impose on all of us that it is unconstitutional to acknowledge God and to honor God,” said Hice, “the secularists want to tell us that that’s unconstitutional. And Scalia is arguing that not only is that, in fact, constitutional, but it is in the best interests of who we are.”
“One of the biggest dangers that we are facing today,” Hice continued, “is judges who think that the Constitution is some sort of living document that changes with the times.”
This is a problem, Hice said, because for Americans to view the Constitution through “the lens of secularism” is not what God intended.
“Folks, that is problematic, that is an enormous danger,” said Hice.
“When it comes to the idea of religious liberty,” he said, “it is not constitutional for the state, if you will, just to be neutral towards religion.”
Religion, Hice said, is “an entrenched part of who we are” as Americans “and a necessary part of who we are.” God-fearing governments, he said, produce “a moral people who are self-governing of their own lives and thus don’t need the big arm of intrusive government all over us. Because we are self-governing people.”
“You remove God and you remove religion,” he said, “and you remove the state from encouraging religious belief and you get more secularism, you get more problems, you get more crime, you get all, whatever, fill in the blank out there.”
“End result,” Hice said, “you get bigger government.”
I’m just gonna throw out there right now that America is probably one of the most religious countries, and has a higher murder rate than nearly all other developed nations. Japan has one of the lowest, and 80% of Japanese people don’t believe in God. Oh! Also! Fewer teen pregnancies there as well. Much fewer.

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