8-Year-Old Muslim Boys Drag Classmate Into Bathroom. What Happened Next Is Horrifying

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Muslim violence is nothing new. Islamists have persecuted non-Muslims since the dawn of Mohammedanism in the 600’s, and it’s no surprise since it’s slathered throughout the Quran.
Christians and Jews have always been specific targets, as the Quran mentions them countless times as idolators and enemies of Allah.
As children of Muslims are considered Muslim at birth, so they are raised with the same scriptural teaching, which is evident in the brutal attack on a classmate by two 8-year-old Muslim boys.
The two young Muslims, probably moderately raised, beat their classmate and carved the symbol of the cross on the child’s back, Pamela Geller reports.
The barbaric hate crime took place in Austria at a Tyrolean Folk School.
The two boys dragged their Christian target into a bathroom stall and used a knife to carve the cross into the young student’s flesh.
The students are denying their involvement, but the police have confirmed the incident.
Children are not born racist. They are not born with a preconceived notion of elitism or superiority of beliefs. They must be taught to hate because of belief or race. This was an obvious act of racism and should be labeled a hate crime. After all, if one who speaks against Islam or rolls a pig’s head into a mosque is branded a racist and charged with hate speech or a hate crime, then one who physically assaults and batters a Christian should forever carry the label of “racist” on their rap sheet.
These children are the future of Islam. They are the next generation of jihadists, but also the next politicians, militants, and activists to demand Sharia law in Western countries. Remember, this didn’t happen in a Muslim nation. This is a Western country that has allowed Muslim immigrants their demands, attempting to appease a horde that can never be satisfied until an Islamic state is established in every nation, as per the Quran.

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