ANOTHER woman sues her parents to pay for school, what the court decides is UNBELIEVABLE

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If you are one of the few people on the planet who is still under the delusion that we don’t live in an age of entitlement, allow me to present to you the smoking gun.
A 21-year-old New Jersey woman just successfully sued her parents to force them into paying for her college education.

Yes, the court fully sanctioned the theft of money from two individuals in order to pay for the education of another adult who is fully capable of getting a job and providing for herself.   

A New Jersey court ordered 21-year-old Caitlyn Ricci’s divorced parents to pay $16,000 each year for her tuition at Temple University, despite the fact that neither of them have seen her for the last two years. The parents are still refusing to pay.

Caitlyn Ricci’s lawyer Andrew Rochester told WPVI that his client was thrown out of her mother’s house and that the nicest thing either parent had to say about her was that she was a “spoiled brat.” In fact, the news station noted that it was Caitlyn’s grandparents, Michael Ricci’s own parents, who helped pay for the 21-year-old to file a lawsuit against them in May.

he woman’s parents told WPVI they would pay for their daughter’s college education if she went in-state and if she followed their rules. Caitlyn, however, chose to attend Temple in Pennsylvania.
“It is just unbelievable. I don’t think there is any person, there is not one adult or parent who can imagine that this can happen to them,” McGarvey told the news station.

The parents are appealing the decision, which was based on a 1982 New Jersey Supreme Court case that said divorced parents had to pay for the kid’s college tuition, the New Jersey Star-Ledger reported.


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