Due to a shortage of doctors in Wisconsin, the Medical College of Wisconsin has created a highly efficient medical campus and eliminated summer breaks, allowing students to complete their degree in 3 years and save $50,000 in tuition.

Medical degrees will no longer take as long to earn as they have previously for students that attend the Medical College of Wisconsin. The college now has a completely revamped 150,000 square foot Science Center at St. Norbert College that is loaded with new high tech equipment.
The new medical campus has over 5,000 feet of classroom space that features high definition televisions, cameras along with other state of the art technologies to ensure that students get the max out of their education.
The shortage of doctors in Wisconsin has led to this joining of forces by Wisconsin medical schools and various health care facilities. It is projected that students should be able to finish up their degrees in just three years time now that the new classroom space is open and ready for the new equipment to be broken in.
As of now, 1,900 new students are expected to utilize the new medical center beginning in July 2015. The Medical College of Wisconsin has another trick up its sleeve to further push students down the degree pike at a more accelerated rate. The college has opted to eliminate the usual summer breaks to utilize as much learning time as possible, which has the added bonus of saving students about $50,000 in tuition each year.
Matthew Hunsaker, dean for the Green Bay campus says, “We want to provide as many students as possible with a high quality, low cost medical education. The curriculum is a little different, but the standards and educational materials are identical.”


  1. Baron Von ZipperNovember 04, 2014

    Well, seeing as most "doctors" these days are nothing more than shills for the pharmaceutical industry, they should not need more than a few weeks of Dale Carnegie training.

  2. Shari PetersonNovember 04, 2014

    They will squeeze all those years of knowledge on pharma dugs into a concentrated career path eh?


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