Homeless Man Finds Family To Spend Thanksgiving With, Thanks To Facebook Ad

A homeless Virginia man reached out to a local news channel to ask if he could post an ad on their Facebook page to help him find a family to spend the holidays with, and now, it looks as though his wish has come true.

For a year and a half, Neal Shytles has been living at a Norfolk shelter after losing his 15-year job as a taxi driver.

“Everything that I’d saved up I started dishing out to people that were taking me in and everything was gone,” Shytles admitted to WTKR . “When I was dropped off at the front door here, I was one of these people that never thought I would be here.”

“This is bed 13,” Shytles explained to a WTKR reporter at Union Mission Ministries. “This is where I lived for a year.”

Now that the holidays have rolled around, Shytles says the only thing he wants is to find a family to spend them with. The only thing he knew to do, however, was to reach out on social media, so he contacted WTKR to ask them if he could post an ad on their Facebook page.

“I am lonely like 365 days a year but Christmas and Thanksgiving are two of the worst days, and I really miss having some kind of family atmosphere around me,” Shytles said. “It would mean the world to me if somebody took me in. It hurts me to be alone, no family or nobody around. It would mean so much, because you know like I said, I’m lonely and it`s just forming that relationship with somebody would be so important to me. It would mean so much and I would really cherish it.”

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  1. Raymond DillonNovember 21, 2014

    When are men going to learn not be around young girls that are not YOUR children ? They will make up a story and send your ass away for life just because they dont like you or because they want attention.
    True to their nature Young girls are very mean spirited , evil and viscious, i do not spend even a nano second aropund them or close to them or go where they are prevalent , the story of what this man went through is all too common nowaDAYS.

  2. Restart his time all over. only make her serve it.

  3. "The girl's story was the primary evidence against him?" No forensics? No evidence? Not so much as a polygraph? Who convicts for 20 years based on a story? The story doesn't say whether the guy is launching a civil suit for losing a third of his life for something he didn't do...

  4. You don't have to go above your comfort zone and invite a homeless stranger into your home. Any gesture of caring is more than someone lonely and hungry would receive without it.

  5. No charges because of her age at the time? how about all the following years when she kept her worthless selfish lying trap shut? The girl should spend the same amount of time in prison as he served. Hers is a worse crime than the alleged molestation

  6. The lying woman should get 19 years behind bars...that would only be fair.


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