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    20 Nov 2014

    Man flies ISIS flag on UC Berkley campus then Israeli flag, students react VERY different

    Filmmaker Ami Horowitz conducted a social experiment at the University of California-Berkeley campus recently, waving both an Islamic State flag and an Israel flag – the reactions he received were shocking.
    Horowitz first waved an Islamic State flag while shouting comments supportive of the terrorist group and critical of America. Surprisingly, Horowitz received little confrontation for supporting the group, and even earned a “good luck” from passing students who supported his cause.
    When Horowitz began waving the Israeli flag, the reactions he received were quite different.
    The filmmaker was confronted by angry students as he waved the flag and condemned the terrorist group Hamas. Students accused the Jewish state of being “killers," tyrannical and guilty of genocide.
    “Israeli is a thief in the night, and a thief in the day,” one person said.
    Horowitz said he’s often believed there’s no connection between intellect and wisdom, and that his Berkeley experiment proves the theory.

    Read More:http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2014/11/19/berkeley-students-surprising-reaction-to-isis-and-israeli-flags-on-campus/
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    1. Israel has consistently terrorized and killed far more victims then Isis ever will. I love the smell of irony in the morning! Nice job educated people of uc berkely. I'm impressed indeed!

    2. You should speak of all religions. If you don't it makes people think you're just one in particular... :/ and everyone knows what I mean.

    3. If you don't care why did you come here to comment?

    4. Same group who claim to be secular but believe God promised them some real estate.

    5. Driving that fast without emergency lights on should absolutely be criminal, and in fact I believe it is. Police are not (and generally should not be) exempt from following such common sense laws.

    6. You should never shop at these stores or companies, shop with local mom and pop merchants.

    7. I don't care if these companies censor the word Christmas, they are into the season for the money they make not what the holiday means. I don't shop at most of these places for different reasons then their fears of a word. But I get a rise out of pinheads with my comments and that's just fine with me. I love when people ask me why I do something so I can explain my motivations what are yours nQQn?

    8. So it's the Jews! They wage the war on Christmas! All religions suck. All religions say God is on their side and they are doing his work etc etc blah blah blah forget all the trees and Santa and green and red these people hate Christmas! Well they sure are going to hate it this year since no one has any money for it the economy is bust the credit is tapped out and the holiday numbers will undoubtedly be in the toilet. Merry fukn Christmas....

    9. Did not say its the jews, its the zionists. Many of them are non-jews. I will not be a bigot like the zionists are. I know jews that are worth their weight in gold.


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