These Pictures Comparing School Lunches in America With Those in France Are Beyond Pathetic

Weasel Zippers has an interesting comparison between the Michelle Obama approved school lunch and a typical school lunch in France.
First the Michelle Obama approved lunch:

Next the typical French school lunch:
Which one do you think students would prefer?


  1. You're putting the health of your kids at risk whenever you let them eat the school lunches. Thanks to the "jobless recovery", we qualify for free or reduced lunches, but have never signed up. Institutional food is highly-processed crap. It's only redeeming virtue is a long shelf life and low cost. Want to reverse the epidemic in 'designer diseases' and allergies in our children? Feed them real food. We haven't shopped at Wal-Mart in 14 years; haven't eaten at a fast food chain in three years, and read the labels of everything we buy at the supermarket. For an excellent overview of how and what to eat, try Dr. Furhlman's book 'Eat to Live'.

    As a postscript, our son had "incurable" allergies which we cured with nothing more than organically-grown,locally-sourced fresh produce. A non-GMO apple a day keeps the doctor away.

  2. implicaverse .November 16, 2014

    Note that the French lunch really isn't anything special. It's what you would find in a standard cafeteria fare anywhere else but the captive audience of an American public school. I'll bet we spend more money on school lunches than the French do, but much more of the money ends up in the pockets of corporate cronies who make big campaign contributions. In its fihal stage, capitalism devours its own children for the sake of short term profit.

  3. Tom TchikofskiNovember 16, 2014

    According to some in America, Franch are snail eaters. Hum...

  4. but but America is the greatest country on Earth ....isn't it ?

    Bet you French Health Care is crap .

  5. Michelle has no business whatever in meddling with these things that should be left to professionals. Just out of curiosity, I wonder if her IQ is higher than 75 or so.

  6. hvaiallverdenNovember 16, 2014

    I sometimes wounder why this moronic rants on religion.
    This article isnt about Religion at all, the copntroll of an org or comunion yea, but religion, huh, isnt here at all.

    I am in no way a member of any congregation, since I was dumb anouf to actually read the bible, but this dont alter the wisdom in it, despite the rants against it. All of the major religions are crystall clear about Life and whats not alowed to do, crystall clear.

    This stinks ZioNazis babbeling a long way, and the arguments are premature, if this is the best, I am not impressed.
    its aparet to me you dont know what you talk about, if a Catholic prest is a pedo, than its the fault of the Bok, right.
    I can debate religion anytime, but to engage in bollocs as this, i will not waist any more time than tell you that Relity, witch you either dont know shitt about, is far more complex that you aparently is capable to realise.

    But any way, its your problem, not mine.


  7. warisaracketbysmedleybutlerNovember 16, 2014

    The hidden truth of how profit and the means for psychological control and social engineers controlling society by poisoning them.

  8. Looks as though French children know how to use a knife and fork. And they drink from glasses!


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