Two Men Confront Louisiana Cop After He Litters... Cop gets infuriated taunts citizens by saying, "go do something about it"

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This officer gets infuriated after being confronted with the suggestion that he broke the law!

A couple of ex-cops stop an officer on duty in Concordia Parish, Louisiana  after they witnessed someone in the police officer’s car throw trash out of the window.
The Louisiana police officer, identified as Officer Lee Williams, was on Highway 425 in North Louisiana when the ex-cops wanted to tell him that it isn’t right that he is breaking the law.

Officer Williams got infuriated and argued with the two ex-cops for nearly 9 minutes after the ex-cops accused him of being “above the law!”
The officer fired back saying “whatcha gonna do about it?”
The men in the vehicle said “nothing we can do about it” but file a complaint!

Then the officer said “get out of my face!” Then gave them directions to the police station.
The confrontation that has gone viral all over the internet ended by the officer saying “You go file your complaint BOY! ”

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