Veteran Who Underwent 78 surgeries in 6 Months Isn’t “Sufficiently Injured” To Qualify For The Help He Needs

A Tennessee soldier, who was severely wounded in Afghanistan, says he has been turned down by five aid organizations as he and his wife struggle to gather funds to build a wheelchair accessible home for themselves. 
“It’s hard because it kind of feels like, my sacrifice wasn’t great enough,” Army Sgt. Franz Walkup recently told WUSA.
Walkup was shot five times on Sept. 29, 2012, by Afghan troops in a friendly fire incident, according to WSMV.

Four of the bullets hit Walkup in the stomach and the fifth struck his back. He suffered a shattered pelvis and a broken leg. He also lost his spleen and much of his small and large intestines. Walkup endured 78 surgeries during his six-month recovery at Walter Reed Hospital and was eventually awarded the Purple Heart.

But the attack also left him in a wheelchair, without the use of his right leg below the knee. Now, Walkup says, he needs a new home to accommodate the wheelchair. But the aid organizations say he isn’t sufficiently injured to award him grants for the construction.
“I just need a little three-bedroom house with 36 inch doors so I can fit a wheelchair through,” he said.
“I fit into that gray area where I have the loss of the limb, but I still have my limb,” he explained.

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  2. First of all where is the VA in this case. If he is wounded or injured while on duty it is called a service connected disability and vets are given a % of how disabling the injuries are. For example for the permanent loss of use of limb or limbs the VA usually rates these vets as 100% disabled. Being rated at 100% allows the vet to be eligible for many things that vets with lower ratings are not eligible for. One such benefit is a grant for housing, which stands at about $70.000. That money is to be used to fix up the vets house so that it is accessible to the vet. Ramps, roll in showers if the vet uses a wheelchair, lower cabinets so they can be used by the vet, etc, you get the idea. I would think the first place this vet should start is with the VA and his disability rating.

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