24 Times “Cards Against Humanity” Was Too Real

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1. The cards speak the truth.

2. Sorry, Grandma.

3. Words to live by.

4. Little harsh.

5. God dammit.

6. Don’t lay down this combo if you’re playing with your parents.

7. Actually, just never play with your parents at all.

8. Seriously.

9. Accurate.

10. So that’s why it’s so tender.

11. :(
12. A nice gesture, but rarely well-received.

13. That’s one way to think about it.

14. It’s like these two cards were made for this combo.

15. Time to make some new friends.

16. Poetry.

17. Oof.

18. We’ve all been there.

19. Good card to play for your friend who is afraid of flying.

20. *shudder*

21. One for the Conservatives.

22. Is there such a thing as a well-timed Holocaust joke?

23. Actually, this one is anatomically correct.

24. Yep. That pretty much sums it up!

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