An undercover police officer has been accused of encouraging and helping an animal rights campaigner to commit illegal acts which led to his being jailed for four years, according to legal documents

An undercover police officer has been accused of encouraging and helping an animal rights campaigner to commit illegal acts which led to his being jailed for four years, according to legal documents.
The campaigner, Geoff Sheppard, has lodged an appeal to overturn his convictions for possessing a shotgun and components for an incendiary device, alleging, in effect, that he was a victim of an agent provocateur.
Sheppard said the undercover officer, whose covert role is revealed by the Guardian this Thursday, actively encouraged him to buy the shotgun and offered him money to purchase it. He claims that as part of a “determined, cynical, and targeted effort” against him, the undercover spy asked him for instructions on making an incendiary device, and tested it.
The Guardian has established that the undercover officer at the centre of the new allegations worked for a controversial covert unit that infiltrated hundreds of political groups for 40 years.
The officer, a member of the Metropolitan police’s special demonstration squad, used the fake name of Matt Rayner to pose as an animal rights campaigner for five years.
In the last three years 50 campaigners have had their criminal convictions quashed because key evidence gathered by undercover officers had beenconcealed from their trials.
The allegations made by Sheppard are contained in a legal application lodged at the appeal court and focus on Rayner, the latest undercover officer to be publicly identified.
Like the other undercover officers Rayner developed a fake identity, bolstered by false documents; he pretended to be an animal rights campaigner between 1991 and 1996. Among the campaigns he infiltrated was a London group campaigning to stop the high street chemists Boots from selling products that had been tested on animals.


  1. What a load of garbage.

  2. If you want to be deluded about invisible supernatural people in the sky, you're welcome to do so. If you want to shove that BS down my throat, just STFU and get out of my way, however. And if you want to live in Medieval times to please your invisible overlords, there is a whole slew of retrograde countries where they put up with that crap in the MidEast, please move to one and leave us alone. We were working on something called "Progress."

  3. While I don't believe EVERYTHING that religions put out, anyone that thinks all of our world "just happened" isn't aware of the IMMENSE complexity of ALL forms of life. The best analogy I have ever heard is that the possibility of human DNA occurring naturally is the same as having a tornado blow through a junkyard and assembling a completely functional 747. And for you people who are so much smarter than the rest of us, why don't we NEUTER you, and THEN see how many people YOU can create. I don't know WHO created us, but we WERE CREATED!

  4. Should have shown the billboard, the cartoon is pure stupid. Unsurprisingly.

    Animals, bow down to gods.
    Human Beings, do not.

  5. And TTW, you are welcome to try and neuter me.

  6. religion is mental pollutionDecember 05, 2014

    Analogies aren't scientific proof. Human DNA evolved from much simpler organisms, it didn't just come into being.

    Your lack of ability to abstractly comprehend the nature of existence isn't justification for abdicating the quest for scientific understanding.

    Most religious types fail to realize that science doesn't suggest our universe came from nothing; the universe came from the infinite. Our universe is a limited system within an infinite sea of energy.
    Nothingness is the lack of existence, even emptiness requires the fabric of existence to create the parameters of time and space. Nothing cannot exist within a time or place by definition. Therefore only existence can by definition exist. Since there is no time or place where nothing exists it is then true that existence exists at all times and places. There can be no "period" of nothingness, no "areas" between existence where nothingness exists. Existence is absolute and infinite in every way.

    What we are really looking at is form vs formless. The universe came from the infinite formless void of energy that exists because it can and therefore must. Formless does not equal empty! It only means chaotic, without pattern or order. Chaos, by the random chance that infinite time and space provides, invariably begets order as order is the limitation of variables which is the inevitable result of chaotic interactions: patterns ALWAYS emerge! This is what creates form (order, patterns) from the formless (chaos, void) and this process is inevitable as it is mathematically a priori. Order is the natural byproduct of chaos, just as order invariably reverts to chaos through the process of entropy.

    So why does infinite energy exist and is this "god?"

    No it is not god as god requires form and order to exhibit volition. And existence exists because nonexistence by definition cannot. Existence is demonstrably possible and therefore must exist at all times and all places. The universe is a limited system that has naturally originated from infinity, not from nothingness.

    Any suggestion that a supernatural entity can exist without form, order, or a pattern yet is able to observe, will, and act is on its face absurd. To suggest that a supernatural entity can exist external of the confines of this limited system yet maintain agency over its entirety is deeply implausible, unnecessary to explain existence, contradictory to observable phenomenon, lacking any credible evidence, and has no justification beyond it cannot empirically be disproven beyond demonstrating it's illogicality.

    The god of the big three monotheistic religions however is probably false and inherently contradictory. I cannot positively prove that there is no supernatural entities, but I can prove that their existence is not requisite for my own existence. Without any evidence or logical necessity for supernatural beings existing they're really is no valid reason beyond superstition to indulge in such fantasies, especially one's so formalized and dogmatic as organized religion

  7. I am an atheist but I also celebrate Christmas. It doesn't bother me at all that others believe in God or Christ. I have a lot of religious friends, Christians, Jews and Muslims. I respect them and their beliefs and they respect my beliefs too. The only time I get bothered is when some religious people attack halloween then cry fowl about a "war on christmas". I just shake my head at the hypocrisy.

  8. Jesus realized what most people do not - that we are ALL "sons of G/d". That's why the evil churches have censored most of his teachings; that's why the Vatican devils call Gnosticism as heresy.

    When it is said that "G/d created the world", one must realize that "G/d" is not a Zeus-like creator god suffering an identity crisis, but the Tetragramaton is the ground of reality, the zero-point field which is the foundation of all energy and consciousness. Consciousness shapes perception, i.e., creates everything. Why did G/d create hell? Ask yourself. Why did you become confused about Truth? Why did you fall into dualistic perceptions, lose recognition of Nonduality, and slip into confused perceptions and negative emotions? (Meditate enough and you'll understand the answer when you've again realized your true nature.) There is nothing unscientific about this. Unscientific is: assuming the hypothesis of consciousness as derivative of matter to be true when there is no evidence to prove it.

    As for Christmas - was there ever a more pagan holiday? A red+white mushroom man who flies with reindeer? (from the eurasian shamans). Sacrificing life (a tree) on new years to ensure the return of the sun? Bringing the tree inside? Elves? The "Sun" "dies" for 3 days? (Sun stays still 3 days during the solstice.)
    Even the little baby is symbolic of the new year.
    Except for the Church's false claim to the rituals of the new year's celebration, there is very little christian about this holiday at all.

    (Not saying that there was no historical Jesus. His name was recorded in buddhist temples in India where he spent the 13 missing years of his life studying under buddhist masters. What the churches spew is a heavily censored corruption of his teachings. The true teachings are found in gnosticism, which, like buddhism, say that the whole point of the spiritual path is to realize our divine essence and become equal to Jesus, understanding that we are all "sons of G/d".)

  9. I suppose you belong to the cult that believes that consciousness is derivative of matter, although there is no evidence to prove that, and much evidence to disprove it.

    Go ahead, drink strong ayahuasca and let us know if your fragile beliefs of a nihilistic materialism, can stand an empirical test as you see the realms of consciousness first-hand. (Do peer-review before making unscientific assumptions.)

    You are your own creator god. Mind creates all perception.

  10. Reductionist science assumes unscientifically, that consciousness is derivative of matter, despite the existence of plentiful evidence to disprove that, and the scientific theory to support it (quantum theories of consciousness.)

    If you do not believe in OBE's, the easiest way to see for yourself is to drink strong ayahuasca, enough that you are able to leave your body and voyage to the destination of your choice, where you can gather data for later verification, also to meet disembodied entities, to gather the "empirical evidence" which you seek.

    (Yes, empirical experiments can be done with ayahuasca to prove/disprove its ability to facilitate remote viewing.)

    ("G/d" is not an entity with a self-identity but the universal field of consciousness, like the ocean beneath the infinite waves of individual self-identities. Quantum theorists would equate it to the zero-point field. To experience that your ayahuasca should include 5-meo-dmt not only n,n,-DMT, though regular DMT-only ayahuasca will allow you to see many disembodied entities and journey through astral realms.).

    Though buddhism is generally considered to be atheistic (in truth is neither atheistic nor theistic), some esoteric texts refer to mind/consciousness as "the all-creating king".

    Tell us, have you ever had a purely materialistic experience, one that was separate from consciousness? So how can you assume that mind is a mere epiphenomenon? It's called the cult of nihilistic materialism.


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