Atlanta German Shepherd jumps in front of woman to cover her from gunfire, takes bullets protecting her from a road rager, then chases down gunman until he can't go any further and dies from his wounds

A family's beloved pet dog has died after saving their lives by jumping between them and a gunman.

According to witnesses, two-year-old German Shepherd Noah leapt in front of his owners when an aggrieved motorist opened fire in an Atlanta car park on Friday. The shooting is thought to have been sparked by a road rage incident not involving the family, but catching their vehicle in the crossfire, shattering the back window and fatally wounding the dog.

Noah was shot in the neck and jumped out of the car in pursuit of the attacker, but died a few steps away.

There were thought to be at least three children in the car as well as an adult woman. A witness said: "The dog took the bullet for the kids so the kids would be safe."

A man named Kidon Martin said he was Noah's owner on Facebook and wrote that his wife and son had been in the car.

He posted a heartbreaking public message stating Noah had saved them from "a senseless act of violence." He also posted a picture of Noah after he'd succumbed to his injury.

"noah sacrificed himself by pushing them away in the line of gunfire and took a bullet to the neck him being so relentless chased the assailant car to show his protective instict and collapsed in the pusuit he died from the lost of blood he will be mised i cant stop crying for he is his name noah a covenant of the arc which is my family [sic]."

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  1. George KapplanDecember 03, 2014

    Now why is this not National Headline news. "Cops help homeless family in need".

    If we can promote how bad cops are in this country why cannot we highlight acts of Humanitarianism and kindness. A truly good example of what it means to "Protect and Serve".

  2. Put up a menorah instead, and see what happens.

  3. Now this is how cops use to act, and it is a great pleasure to have read this article and see these men and women reminding me of the good ol days.

  4. Those who say diamonds are a girls best friend have never owned a dog!

  5. SlartibartfarstDecember 03, 2014

    God bless, there are some good cops out there after all!


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