Bad News: If You’re Watching ‘A Christmas Story’ – You’re Celebrating Racism

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Can’t Liberals EVER take a day off from hysterically declaring everything racist, sexist or homophobic?
Apparently not — even on Christmas.
Are you enjoying watching the classic A Christmas Story with your family, as millions of Americans are today?
Liberal writer Parker Marie Malloy says you shouldn’t. In a Tweet trying to link the film to the recent anti-police protest movement, Malloy dumped a real downer:

Groan. How is a sofa-bound racist to enjoy all 24 hours of TBS’ “A Christmas Story” marathon, after a review like that?

It didn’t take long for those with brains to set Ms. Malloy straight:

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  1. All brought to us by "the usual suspects"
    You can bet your bottom dollar. (no pun intended)


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