Beavercreek Police Arrest Photographers, Shove 8-Year-Old Boy, Threaten To Arrest 14-Year-Old For Photographing Protest

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The Beavercreek, Ohio Police Department has once again escalated force, making an already volatile situation volcanically erupt all over the parking lot of the Fairfield Commons Mall.
The site of today’s protest, organized by Ohio Student Association, is situation directly across the street from the Walmart where John Crawford was shot and killed last August.
Watch some of the video we have thus far…

Members of the media were threatened with arrest from the start for doing nothing other than photographing and recording the police abusing citizens.
Watch the video that captures just a little bit of this…
This was not limited to the alternative media from Counter Current News, Alternative Media Syndicate and Greene County Herald who were on site, but also members of the mainstream local media who were repeatedly threatened with arrest even though they had broken no law. 
Virgil Vaduva of the Greene County Herald was arrested for “displacing” an orange cone in the parking lot of the mall while he was photographing. Police were asked repeatedly what law he had broken. After being asked no less than two dozen times, one officer replied “I don’t know.” 
Other Beavercreek officers were seen violently pushing children as young as 8-years-old, and threatening to arrest a 14-year-old boy for taking pictures in the parking lot with his iPhone. Once they were informed that they were being video recorded by several others, they backed off of him and threatened to arrest those filming their advances towards that juvenile.

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