Elderly Man Saves Wife’s Life By Shooting Her In Neck

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Being accidentally shot by her husband became a blessing in disguise for one Ohio woman.
Boyd Ross, 77, the husband of Charlene Ross, 75, told police he retrieved a shotgun to scare off geese from a pond in York Township, OH, reports ABC 7. Boyd checked the gun to see if it was loaded and it went off, with the round going through the nearest wall into the back of a reclining chair and striking his wife.
Charlene was taken to the hospital and treated for the “birdshot” pellet that struck her in the neck. It is what doctors discovered during treatment that her son, Steve, views as a blessing.
Doctors discovered Charlene had a previously undiscovered heart problem—an arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat.
“There is no question that this has been a blessing on two fronts,” Steve told The Medina- Gazette. “One is that only one pellet nicked her out of the shotgun blast and the second is she was able to be checked out and found that there are underlying problems that we can now address.”
Charlene will undergo surgery to insert a pacemaker to treat the life-threatening arrhythmia.
“Had this accident not happened my mom could have been gone at any time,” Steve said. “You hate to use clichés but this is a Christmas miracle.”
According to Steve, his mother did not have a history of heart problems, but she had not seen a doctor in a couple of years.
Steve views the incident as his fault as he was the last person to use the shotgun, and should have unloaded it before his parent’s arrived for a holiday visit.
“I’ve been battling with this aspect because in a way it is my fault,” Steve said. “I should have unloaded it before he arrived at the house.”

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