Four-Year-Old Boy Put In Handcuffs, Shackled, And Taken To Police Station After Throwing A Fit At School

A four-year-old pre-school student was reportedly handcuffed and taken away in a squad car when the school’s principal couldn’t calm him down.
Back in October, the unnamed four-year-old child reportedly threw a tantrum in his classroom at Nathanial Green Primary School in Virginia and began being destructive. When the school’s principal couldn’t take control of the situation, a sheriff’s deputy assigned to the school was called in and the four-year-old boy was put in handcuffs.
“The boy was out of control, basically, throwing his arms around and kicking-- trying to kick the deputy, trying to run away, and the deputy felt that putting the handcuffs on him was for his safety as well as everybody else's,” County Sheriff Steven Smith said, according to WVTF.
Tracy Wood, the young boy’s mother, says the school called her to pick up her son, but when she got there, police had already taken him to the station.
“When you call a parent to get their child, when they get to the school, you expect the child to be there-- especially when you arrive in a timely manner,” Wood said. “Once he got inside the office, since he tried to run and kick the deputies, they took the handcuffs off him and put the leg shackles on him. My son is a very loving, caring, protective little boy. He deserves to go to school and feel safe and know that he'll come back home to his mommy. He won't be carted off like a criminal.”
John W. Whitehead, President of legal defense organization The Rutherford Institute, is now defending the young boy and sent a note to the school about the incident.


  1. hvaiallverdenDecember 21, 2014

    The UssA is obviously runn by totaly incopetent idiots in every way possible, the level of idiocy staggers and old fart like me, and on topp it, cant even handle a child, a 4 f..... year old child, and the stupidity dont stopp there, it solidly escalates to heaven, when the bonkers Cop popps up.

    Its amazing, simply.

    And the exuses, dont impress anyone.


  2. RJ O'GuilloryDecember 21, 2014

    ...what an ass-clown you must be to make a comment like this....if you are the principle of a school...a primary school....and you cannot figure out how to handle a 4 year old...perhaps you should just quit and be on disability or something. As far as the soon as the lawsuit is complete...I'd use the money I made to enact the appropriate type of revenge upon every person involved...and then I'd explain to my kid...this is the real world..... stand up for yourself...don't take anyone's shit...and if you have prepared to kill the person trying to steal your Constitutional rights, your property or your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ..... fuck all of the idiots...especially the police and the fascist student administration....
    RJ O'Guillory
    Webster Groves - The Life of an Insane Family

  3. Guess the school knows nothing about fearsome fours..

  4. Principal should have grabbed the little shit by the back of his pants and taken him out. Mom shoud beat his loving little ass 'til he can't sit for a week. Police should never have touced the child and should have informed the principal that it wasn't a police matter.

  5. You're a little over the top here, O'Guillory, and your "author" status doesn't matter.

  6. RJ O'GuilloryDecember 21, 2014

    ..fuck you old man...who the fuck are you to tell me what's over the top? If the assholes violate my rights and I win a case against them...I can use that money in any legal manner (whatever that is these days)...I desire to exact my revenge. Perhaps I'll use the money to run for city council, the school board...perhaps I'll file suit against the school administration for their egregious actions... but ho the fuck are you to tell me what is the appropriate action? Go fuck yourself old man...

  7. Carroll PriceDecember 21, 2014

    This is a direct result of parents failing to whip their children's asses when they throw temper tantrums at home..

  8. SooriamoorthyDecember 21, 2014

    That's AmeriKa; the United SS states of AmeriKa, far worse than the Nazis and the Bolcheviks combined.

  9. The principal needs the authority to physically punish when needed, in loco parentis, and having to have the police step in for a 4 year old is absolutely ridiculous.

  10. Hmm, couldn't constrain a 4 year old? Wow, what message does that send exactly?

  11. desertspeaksDecember 21, 2014

    well you all know how dangerous a 4 year old child can be,.. he could have snapped and endangered the lives of heavily armed, highly trained, bulletproof vest wearing, gun carrying big tough police officers!
    There is a host of things that absolutely terrify police officers and makes them fear for their lives.. one of the many things that does this is, CHILDREN!!
    An elderly person with or without a walker will literally make a cop crap himself with fear!
    A cloud going over can send a police officer into a comatose state!
    A light breeze, slightly moving a piece of paper requires months of therapy for any police officer that witnesses this heinous act!
    Puppies are insanely dangerous to all police officers, the police have been known to shoot a terrifying puppy on sight!
    An officer seeing their own shadow means six more weeks of therapy in a slightly moving paper sighting incident!

  12. Seems to me you are still fucking insane.

  13. RJ O'GuilloryDecember 21, 2014

    ...shut the fuck up and go back to masturbating in your basement so your wife doesn't catch on... you old fart....


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