Obama thinks whites don’t understand how much he’s done for them

Our president is great at coming up with lame excuses. He’s never in the wrong. It’s always someone else’s fault. (Well, it’s that or– as Jonathan Gruber would say– Americans are too stupid to know what’s going on.)
I’m sure Obama agrees. We should cower at the thought of his godlike intellect, despite the administration’s scandals, skyrocketing debt and increased racial tensions.
Because Obama has actually done a ton of good stuff for the nation. Oh, and white people.
“2012, it might have dipped [whites who voted for him], but it was still on par with what had happened before. In the midterms, because of the nature of the electorate, it tends to exaggerate some of these racial differences — I guess my point being that I think it ebbs and flows in part given circumstances.
I do think that right now there are a lot of white working-class voters who haven’t seen enough progress economically in their own lives, and despite the work that we’ve done to try to strengthen the economy and address issues like child care or minimum wage or increasing manufacturing, that’s not what they read about or hear about in the newspapers. They hear about an immigration debate or they hear about, you know, debate surrounding Ferguson, and they think, “I’m being left out. Nobody seems to be thinking about how tough it is for me right now,” or, “I’ve been downscaled, I’ve lost my job,” etc.
You know, part of my responsibility then is to communicate directly to those voters. And part of the Democratic Party’s job is to communicate directly to those voters and say to them, “You know what? We’re fighting for you.”
Isn’t that great! They’re fighting for you. So ignore the unemployment rates, sluggish economy, national debt and moral decay in society. 

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  1. I'll have to give that a big DUH!!

  2. The Revolutionary Communist Party is counting on Americans forgetting that Lenin's and Stalin's police killed 30 million Russians and Mao's police killed 40 million Chinese. Not exactly the kind of people we should want to put in charge of solving our police brutality problem.

    Shortly after the Revolutionary Communist Party was formed in 1975, the San Francisco Bay Area started getting plastered everywhere with their posters. I found out the reason was simple: all members were required to go "wheatpasting" (the glue they used to stick posters to walls) at least once a month. Not being one to have their lies in my face every day without responding, my girlfriend and I started a little wheatpasting campaign of our own in our neighborhood putting up a poster we designed over the top of the RCP posters. I still have a copy. I am still proud of this poster. Here is what it said

    That life on Earth
    Survives government
    Power run amok.

    Resist ANY
    Ideology which seeks
    Power over voluntary
    Human activities.
    (Image of a dove with an olive branch)
    Our children's lives
    Are at stake.

  3. A vote for a Bush is a vote for a CLINTON (& vise/versa)
    Tweedledee&Tweedledum .... neocons&liberals (neocon was INVENTED by the TROTSKYITE COMMUNIST Irving Kristol)
    They are WAVING IT in your FACES ................
    George W. Bush: Hillary Clinton is like ‘my sister-in-law’ By Jose A. DelReal December 5 at 10:16 AM
    Former President Bush has spoken at length about his close ties to former President Bill Clinton, at times calling him his "brother from another mother."
    CNN's Candy Crowley asked Bush during an interview published Friday where that leaves Hillary Clinton: "My sister-in-law!" the president responded light-heartedly.
    NeoCon was INVENTED by Irving Kristol and his CABAL of TROTSKYITE COMMUNISTS.
    NeoCon is COMMUNISM wrapped in an American flag.
    NeoCons refuse to WEAR an American uniform ....
    they just wrap themselves in the flag and send YOU and YOURS to be maimed and killed.
    Today's American NeoCons are yesterday's Bolsheviks. SAME THING.

  4. They should change the law and let them both run for president. Tyranny forever.

  5. These two crime families are not going to go silently into the night.

  6. Thumbprints all over the two greatest criminal and delusional acts/constructs in the past 80 years- the Affordable Care Act (Hillarycare) and 911 (Jeb's Florida election fraud begets GW begets Cheney begets- who blew up the neighborhood?).

  7. Billy WilsonDecember 30, 2014

    A small but vocal minority will see this as outrageous and either not vote or vote for a third party candidate. The rest of America will do what the always do. It's an embarrassment.

  8. It didn't dip, Obozo; it plummeted. Hangings are in order.

  9. Yup just look around and see what he has done ,damn, no wonder his approval rating with the military is 15%, yup those white people are sure thankful, for a national debt that by math can never be paid. Yup aint got enough room to list all that the people are thankful for.

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  11. TruthJusticeAndTheAmericanWay!December 30, 2014

    Obama's race bating aside, he's committed numerous acts of treason. A good example of Obama's treason that has nothing to do with "white" is Gruber's confessions about the ACA fraud. Gruber's confessions take the whole corrupt system down for fraud, theft, bribery, corruption, war crimes (the ACA is part of Israel's Agenda 21, Agenda 21 is criminal genocide), crimes against humanity, and treason due to the intentional fraud, the unaffordability, and, particularly, the genocidal nature of the ACA in conjunction with Agenda 21.

    Putin put it succinctly:

    "Any fourth grade history student knows socialism has failed in every country, at every time in history. President Obama and his democrats are either idiots or are deliberately trying to destroy their own country". Vladimir Putin

  12. At least he didn't go AWOL from National Guard, be unable to visit his Dad in the White House( couldn't get security clearance, his own words), Lied about Iraq WMD's, then Joked on tv about it, spend MORE time on Vacation then ANY other President in history, Dressed up like a Pilot to Proclaim "Mission Accomplished"!, claimed to have given up golf out of respect for troops, then proceed to golf. Damn, I get why President Obama is so horrible! He barley carries W's jock strap when it comes to Honoring the Troops and Country!

  13. Did you vote for O because you hated Bush, or because you liked O? Do you only listen to Chris Matthews?

  14. I voted for the lesser of two evils, and you?

  15. Most don't!! thats why he got back in in 2012..most people are asleep at the switch of all races.

  16. To say these two are on top in the polls is a joke, both these POS are not what America needs. If your thinking about voting for one of these sub-human actors for the elite you ARE the problem.

  17. SooriamoorthyDecember 30, 2014

    Are you saying that the cops too are communists and they behaved and acted the way they did to provoke a reaction from the public?

  18. AND WHO"S THE WINNER..........OBOOZO,...WHAT? a third term?...YEP,the elections are rigged,no doubt about it..........

  19. There is no such thing, and if there were, you still voted for evil.

  20. No matter who you vote for, nothing will change. Unless you vote for a third party or none of the above.


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