Support for President Obama by Active Duty Military Breaks All-Time Record

Support for President Obama by members of the military hit an all time historic low of 15%. Sadly morale has also plummeted under President Obama versus President Bush.

President Barack Obama has struggled with sagging approval ratings over the last year, but the commander-in-chief’s numbers have hit an all-time low among active-duty troops.
Just 15% of active-duty servicemembers gave Obama a thumbs up in the annual Military Times survey and more than half — 55% — say they disapprove of Obama’s job as commander-in-chief.

The President has struggled to gain the approval of troops throughout his time in office, but these numbers reflect are a new low for Obama, who finished his first year in office with a 35% approval figure and only 4 in 10 disapproving, according to the Military Times survey.
President Obama’s approval rating in the general population is much higher, though still well below 50 percent. In the most recent CNN / ORC poll, he got the approval of 44% of Americans.
In addition morale among the troops is also down dramatically since Obama took office:
A survey of military members shows a shocking drop in morale — a downswing that seems directly tied to the change in commander-in-chief from George W. Bush to Barack Obama.

The Military Times survey shows that between 2009 and now, active-duty troops experienced a dramatic decrease in quality of life, at least in their perception. Only 56 percent now say their quality of life is good or excellent. Seventy percent believe their quality of life in the military will continue to decline as the years go by.
By comparison, 91 percent rated their quality of life as good or excellent in 2009, when Mr. Bush’s military policies were still largely in effect, the Times reported.

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