10 Police Departments Responded After Juveniles Did This At A Movie Theater

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Another brawl broke out this weekend- this time at a movie theater in Valley View, Ohio. Reports say between 200-300 “juveniles”- the intentionally-vague description always used as a euphemism for blacks or black youths- were involved in the fight that began in the theater’s lobby.
The fight was so bad, TEN different police departments responded to the call.

The call came in about 9:30 p.m. at the Cinemark At Valley View And XD located on Canal Road, according to police.

Valley View Police Chief Matthew March told NewsChannel5’s Michael Baldwin that 10 police departments responded to the scene.
March said after the juveniles started fighting in the lobby, theater security and police moved the juveniles outside.

The juveniles were upset that they had paid for tickets, so managers began reimbursing them, according to March.

From there, the juveniles began to disperse among restaurants nearby, starting fights throughout the area, March explained.

March said officers began telling people inside of nearby restaurants to stay inside for their safety and some restaurants were even told to lock their doors.
A NewsChannel5 photographer reported he was told to leave the property when he first arrived because it was “not safe.”


  1. desertspeaksJanuary 04, 2015

    Gotta love it when the brainwashed boot lickers stand up for murderers with badges.. the double standard is mind numbingly stupid!
    If you or I, being regular people without a badge an immunity from prosecution for our crimes against people, were to do exactly the same thing the police do.. we'd be arrested, tried and imprisoned for decades!
    Sick and tired of badge monkeys murdering innocent men, women and children and walking away from it with complete impunity! Even when they use "according to their own laws" illegal choke holds and choke a man to death on camera!!

  2. Either return OUR Constitutional Protections ...... or remove theirs.
    Habeas Corpus? due process and equal protection?
    presumption of innocence? Ours have all been erased, or has the author been in a cave.

  3. I like my idea better: mandatory professional malpractice liability insurance, individually purchased by each police officer. If a cop loses a civil lawsuit or two and his premiums do a moonshot, he'll quit the profession of his own free will. No police chief or police union will be able to protect him from the rational free-market decisions of his insurance carrier.


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