Artist Brilliantly Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy Regarding Abortion and the Death Penalty


“I hope that all who are championing Respect for Life in the arena of the unborn are consistent in supporting the eradication of the death penalty. Respect for Life is respect for all life, not cherry-picking who gets to live and who is deemed not worthy.”
This letter appeared in the Des Moines Register this morning. What do you think is the writer’s intent? I take it as chastisement from one who embraces human abortion against those of us support the pro life cause.

I take it as a variation of that old theme that “yeah, you pro lifers support the fetus in the womb, but then forget about it after they’re born.”
I take it as a “gotcha” statement. I may be wrong, but I don’t think I am, because I’ve heard the line too many times.
Let us deconstruct her thinking. If “Respect for Life” (note her use of caps) is respect for all life, does she respect the life in the womb? Or is a consistent position on life only applicable to those of us who oppose human abortion?
May I compare and contrast the pre born person with the felon on death row? Here are a couple of similarities: they are both human, with human DNA. Even more, they are both unique human beings, with a unique genetic code. No one like them has ever existed before, or ever will.
But there are major differences. The felon has been convicted of taking another human life, convicted by a jury of peers. The pre born person has never hurt anyone. The pre born person has committed no crime. Ever. Her humanity is all there, her potential intact, but jeopardized by people who picket on behalf of felons and Planned Parenthood, agitating to abolish death row while expanding women’s “reproductive choice.”

Interestingly, since the passage of Roe v Wade, it is estimated that some 56 million pre born persons have been killed via human abortion, about 1.36 million per year.
Interestingly, since the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1976, 1373 convicted murderers have been executed, about 36 per year.
There is no moral equivalence between human abortion and the death penalty.

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  1. lata ta birdofpeaceJanuary 28, 2015

    Since we fund israel to the hilt. We might as well have a say as to who is their token leader.

  2. I don't see anyone hiding behind a 5th column (with a capital "I")..

  3. Netanyahu is a terrorist and should be taken out. If Obama ordered a drone strike on the Netanyahu residence, I would totally become a supporter. "Israel" is a parasite on the neck of America and it should be eliminated before it drags us down with it. ALL Israel-firsters in America belong in the dock for treason. REMEMBER THE USS LIBERTY #AbolishIsrael

  4. No matter how vile an scummy Democrats can be, they're no match for the 'natural born scum' who have been at it for 2,000 years.

  5. legal eagleJanuary 28, 2015

    Putting to rest once and for all the idea that cops are nothing more than a criminal syndicate, like they like so much of accusing others of being.
    the entire police structure is so corrupt that when one decent human being tries to make them responsible for their actions that the gang mentality takes over. They are so automatically used to covering up crimes committed by their co workers that hit has become the standard rather than the exception and these actions by the police clearly demonstrate it.

  6. Take them all down for murder.

  7. How can Republican politicians cozy up to real conservatives? The DHS has labeled anyone with a hint of conservative thinking to be potential terrorists, leaving the Republican Party's natural base outside the tent and the party leadership spouting irrelevant drivel in an echo chamber. It just goes to show what desperation ignorant Americans have been reduced to that the Republicans did as well as they did in the mid-terms. The only other choice conservatives had was to stay home.

  8. oldranger68January 28, 2015

    Sounds like Albuquerque is in the clutches of an ocupying enemy force. Usually requires a bitterly violent offensive to dislodge such an entreched force. Better get to it.


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