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Contrary to what we’ve been led to believe the GOP is not a conservative party, and in fact wants conservatives to go away. Both Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush plan on running for president in 2016 while engaging with conservatives as little as possible.
Via Breitbart:
Talk radio host Laura Ingraham declared that the GOP “is not a conservative party” at the moment and that believing it would shift the budgeting process away from omnibus bills to department-by-department appropriations bills was like thinking “pro wrestling is real” on Friday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.
When asked by O’Reilly if she thought the GOP would return to passing separate appropriations bills as a means of funding the government she said, “the people who think they’re going to do it next year are the same people who think pro wrestling is real, okay? They’re not going to do it next year. They’re going to come back into session next year and they’re going to have almost all of the government funded through the end of September.”

She continued “if this is such a good deal for the american people, right? They would have done this before the midterm election cycle because it would drive people to the polls. But what they do is they wait until the lame duck and [Speaker] Boehner (R-OH) would much rather have this whole spending thing for the next nine months done with with. So they don’t have to go back and debate how much HHS gets or whether, you know, Obamacare is funded or whether Planned Parenthood gets anything. They just want all that icky stuff of governing and budgeting off the table, which is what they basically which is what they basically did last night.”

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