Artist PERFECTLY Puts Michael Moore In His Place Regarding “Cowardly Snipers”

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Here’s what Nick Betts, a former sniper, bluntly had to say about Hollywood types that run their mouths and trash soldiers while they live in a “bubble.” 
We also asked Betts if he had any thoughts on the several people who have bashed Chris Kyle’s “American Sniper” story — and in some cases, all snipers.
“Are you talking about that Michael Moore piece of s**t?” Betts asked bluntly. He later added, “I’m not a f***ing coward.”
Moore recently said that he was taught that snipers were all “cowards” after his uncle was killed by one in World War II. His remarks coincided with the release of “American Sniper,” but he claimed his comments were unrelated.
The former Army sniper said he had to look into his soul after he killed a militant combatant for the first time during his service. He said he wanted to figure out why he didn’t “feel bad” for killing another human being — and it came down to taking out those who wanted to kill him and other American soldiers based on an evil ideology.

“I think if you take Seth Rogen and Michael Moore and put them behind a rifle for 15 months and you see your friends murdered in front of you — I bet they’d put pull the trigger too when the time came.”
He also pointed out that people who run their mouths and trash soldiers have never had to see the kind of evil that veterans witness up-close — instead, they get to “live in a bubble” while others defend their freedoms.

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