CPS Telling Parents They Could Have Their Kids Taken Away From Them For This INSANE Reason

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Watch out! Letting your kids walk home from the playground can bring child welfare authorities to your door.
That’s what Danielle and Alexander Meitiv recently found out when they did what they always do: allow Danielle and Sasha, their two young children, to roam the neighborhood without parental supervision. The Meitivs believe in allowing their children as much freedom as possible to develop their self-reliance.

‘Free-range parenting’ is not a concept with which local authorities apparently agree. Police and Child Protective Services (CPS) received phone calls that Rafi, 10,  and Dvora, 6, were walking home from neighborhood playgrounds unaccompanied by an adult, and they swooped in to question the children and their parents.

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One of the playgrounds to which the children go is two blocks away, but the other, a USA Today report said, is a mile from their home.
“They’re very proud of their independence. They understand that they need to hold hands when they cross the street, they need to look both ways, make sure the light is with them,” mother Danielle Meitiv said.
Authorities questioned the children at their Silver Spring, MD elementary school without the Meitivs’ knowledge or permission, the USA Today article said.

Their father, Sasha Meitiv, was horrified.  “[W]hen they were talking to them, they were painting a picture of a world that is very scary. They were asking my son Rafi what he would do if he was grabbed by a stranger. Telling them, you know there are creeps out there that are just waiting to grab children if they’re walking by themselves,” the children’s father told WUSA 9.

It gets worse. CPS has approached the parents with their own safety plan which, if the parents didn’t agree, the agency threatened to take their children away.

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