David Duke Threatens To Expose Other Politicians With White Supremacist Ties

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke issued a warning to Republicans who have criticized House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) for speaking to a white nationalist group in 2002, saying they "better be looking over their shoulders."
In an interview with Fusion, Duke said he has ties to politicians on both sides of the aisle, and he is ready to release names if criticism of Scalise continues:
Overall, Duke was rather flabbergasted by the new focus on Scalise. He said he has hosted both Democratic and Republican legislators at everything from conferences to his children’s birthday parties. He said he has met with Democratic legislators at least 50 times in his political life.
And he delivered a warning to both Republicans and Democrats: Treat Scalise fairly, and don’t try to make political hay out of the situation. Or he said he would be inclined to release a list of names of all the politicians — both Republicans and Democrats — with whom he has ties.
“If Scalise is going to be crucified — if Republicans want to throw Steve Scalise to the woods, then a lot of them better be looking over their shoulders,” Duke said.
Scalise has struggled to distance himself from Duke since a Louisiana blogger revealed earlier this week that the GOP leader had associated with the former KKK Grand Wizard and had spoken to a group Duke founded, the European-American Unity and Rights Organization, in 2002.
"I didn't know who all of these groups were, and I detest any kind of hate group,"Scalise said on Monday.


  1. How about exposing the politicians with ties to Israel First Zionist extremists? Oh...... that's all of them.

  2. oldranger68January 03, 2015

    Way to go, Duke!

  3. Part of this might be the last of the people who were brain-damaged by growing up around fumes from leaded gas are dying off or too old to commit crime. Part of it might be that even in states where marijuana hasn't been legalized yet the criminal justice system, from cops all the way to judges, see the handwriting on the wall and are backing off. But part of it is simply because the US is going broke and enriching a few prison Gulag contractors isn't worth hastening our final bankruptcy.

    Voters in my county have now twice shot down a property tax levy to fully fund the sheriff, county jail, and DA's office. I have no doubt that the Criminal Industrial Complex could absorb any amount of money we threw at it and still cry out for more. Starving them of funds can be seen as a protective measure for every citizen because it decreases our chance of being harassed, beaten, tased or shot while we go about our daily activities.

  4. Hmmm I wonder if anyone is keeping track of the Dems with affiliations to La Raza?


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