Protest Leaders’ Ridiculous Demand: End These Constitutional Protections for All Cops!

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In New York City on New Year’s Eve, the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement issued a public list of “demands” that would spell the end of all Constitutional protections for all police officers nationwide.
That is, if anyone is inclined to take their silly and ridiculous demands seriously.

There have been marches in New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, and elsewhere demanding “justice” of some sort — or else there would be no “peace.” They’ve been invited to meet with President Barack Obama in the White House, been praised by the Mayor of New York and countless other Democrats. But what do they want, aside from “justice”? And what exactly constitutes “justice” in the minds of those laying down in traffic and in malls has always remained nebulous, but no more – they’ve been kind enough to put their “demands” down on paper.
On fliers handed out at the New York City protest on New Year’s Eve, the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement spelled out what they “demand.” …

Protesters across the country may or may not agree with all 13 of these demands, but these are what the leaders of these protests in New York City, now the hub of this movement, have made them about.
Among the many childish and outlandish demands are these gems:
We demand a total independent investigative body that has full and total investigative powers, and unhindered access to any scene and full access to all evidence. This investigative body will have full prosecuting power, and the authority to mete out punishment. This agency will have the power to immediately sequester any and all officers that are involved and/or on the scene.
In other words, the end of due process and equal protection. Also, the end of the Writ of Habeas Corpus.
We the people demand that any and every officer accused of misconduct, abuse of authority, or the use of excess force be suspended immediately without pay, pending the outcome of the independent investigation.
In other words, the end of the presumption of innocence.
We demand body cams, vehicular cams, and cams on all weapons to be live streamed to the public and controlled by an independent agency, all law enforcement agents must perform all duties and work in front of these cameras, any officer found doing anything not in front of a camera shall be deemed guilty.
In other words, the end of all privacy and access to the court system. Also, the end of proper English.
We demand that the decent law abiding police officers be able to speak freely about any and all corruption and abuse committed by the department or their fellow officers without being punished, chastised, or ostracized in any manner by the department or fellow officers.

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