The new Congress is 80 percent white, 80 percent male and 92 percent Christian

Trying to predict the gender and race of a member of Congress is like trying to predict who would win a basketball game between the 1996 Chicago Bulls and the 2015 New York Knicks. Which is to say: It is like trying to predict who would win in an arithmetic competition between you and a talking horse. Which is to say: It is like trying to guess how many jellybeans are in a glass jar that contains two jellybeans. Which is to say: It is easy.
The 114th Congress, which gets to "work" on Tuesday, is one of the most diverse in American history, comprised of nearly 20 percent women and just over 17 percent of which is non-white. Which means, of course, that four out of five members of Congress are white and four out of five are men. Ergo, given the name of a member of Congress (at random: Oregon GOP Rep. Greg Walden), you can probably guess his or her gender and race. (In case you want to see if you were right about Walden: here.)
According to a break-down from our colleague Reid Wilson, here are the demographics of the incoming crew.
In September, we looked at the slow trend away from white men in Congress, anticipating likely winners in November. Here is the overall trend on gender and race, with the new Congress in place. (We excluded New York's 11th District, vacated by GOP Rep. Michael Grimm.)
The trend is slow, but it's clear: Congress is getting a bit less white and a bit less male.
The Pew Research Center looked at another demographic data point this week: religion. Over the last few decades, Congress has gotten less Protestant, but it's still overwhelmingly Christian.
And after the 2014 election, Congress actually gets slightly more Christian, with nine more Christians, five fewer Jewish members, one fewer Buddhist and one fewer unaffiliated member.


  1. Now break it down by race/by party. There were ZERO black Republicans until this last "election", now I think there's 1 or 2.

  2. Shari PetersonJanuary 06, 2015

    And 100% Zionist.

  3. Shari PetersonJanuary 06, 2015

    So really, it doesn't need a single Jew - their interests are 100% guaranteed.

  4. Shari PetersonJanuary 06, 2015

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  8. freewheelinfranklin543January 08, 2015

    Then maybe they oughta do something else if the job is too risky for them!


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