This Graph Of The “Top Annual Deaths In The U.S” Will Make You Want To Cry

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When you think of the top causes of death in our country, you probably think of stuff like cancer, car accidents, heart attacks, and strokes.

These are pretty big killers, claiming thousands–sometimes hundreds of thousands–of lives each and every year.

But there’s something even worse than all of those that kills over a million people a year.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s tragic to think of all the wonderful people who have been murdered in the womb, denied a chance to live a life and contribute to our society.

Think of all the doctors, lawyers, potential presidents, business owners, innovators, and artists who could’ve improved our lives, pushed us forward in technology, or developed cures for diseases that we’ve been cheated out of.

Abortion is a violation of a person’s right to life, which is why it should be 100 percent outlawed. It’s ridiculous that we even need an additional law to protect the unborn. This should be covered under murder, because that’s what it is.

God is responsible for creating every human life that’s ever lived, and to murder a human being, even one that’s just a fertilized egg inside of a mother’s womb, is a slap in His face. It’s the ultimate insult, which should make those who are proponents of such a barbaric shake in their boots, because one day they will give an account for the blood on their hands.

Let’s hope more and more Christians and conservatives will stand up and be a voice for the voiceless millions who have been killed by abortion.

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