This is Exactly Why We Will Never Win the War Against Islamic Extremists While Obama is President

According to Charles Krauthammer the biggest error we could make is to lose the war because we can’t even name the enemy. 
Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer denounced Secretary of State John Kerry on Special Report with Bret Baier Tuesday night for his comments that the United States’ biggest error is to blame all “Muslims collectively for crimes not committed by Muslims alone.” Krauthammer told the Fox News host that, instead, the biggest error would be “to lose the damn war” because this administration refuses “to recognize who the enemy is and what it requires.”
“The biggest error that we can make, while it would be an error if we blamed all the Muslims in the world for the crimes that are occurring, including the latest one today in Libya, for example. It would be an error, but I’m not sure how many people in this country actually say that. That’s just a straw man. I mean, everyone who is critical of radical Islam prefaces in saying of course it’s a minority of Islam. It’s not a way to attack all Muslims. So this is a non-argument that he is making. And it wouldn’t be the biggest error that we make.
“The biggest error that we make is to lose the damn war because we refuse to recognize who the enemy is and what it requires. That would be a larger error because it would consign people to, for example, the hell that is Syria today, approaching a quarter of a million dead.”
Krauthammer went on to criticize President Obama’s strategy of leaving the region while supposedly arming and training the Syrian rebels.
“And the original sin here is not that Obama sort of is confused — I think he is in a way — but that he has a strategy. He came into office with a strategy: America leaves. This is not something that we should be involved in. We will leave and he didn’t quite understand (which is sort of an axiom of geopolitics) if America leaves, the vacuum does not remain a vacuum.

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  1. NobodysaysBOOJanuary 31, 2015

    NO that is P, U RESEARCH
    This think tank sounds more like the drunk tank.

  2. LibertyTreeBudJanuary 31, 2015

    I laugh! Let the rich become poor and see how their perspective changes.

  3. hvaiallverdenJanuary 31, 2015

    Do it sister, and I will ripp your hart out and you will watch your self die.
    I promise you this.

    If you gett the measles, its more likely because of the vacsine than anything else, statisticaly you are way out of anything with reality, and this rant confims the insanity if it all.

    Dont threat anyone, and I will say as sayed up where I came from, IF you want trubble, hell I will give you trubble.


  4. Callous or not there is a certain amount (a lot) of truth to this.
    It's the tens of millions who live just above the 'everything is free' line who are put upon.

    What kind of people have children unrestrained, like cats and dogs, and expect everything from the kids birth to their death to be paid for by taxes? Yeah, the truth does suck. It sucks a lot.

  5. hvaiallverdenJanuary 31, 2015

    Yupp, ripp him for all he have, and send him on the streets whit an oridinary wellfare sallary, as what happends to anyone loosing an average jobb.
    And then try to find a new jobb.
    How long do you think he would last.


  6. If you get the measles ...... according to YOUR beliefs ...... YOU did not get the vaccine. So why do you CARE if I get the measles since YOUR vaccine PROTECTS you.... IF you got it .... or am I RIGHT and the vaccine is NO GOOD.

  7. Nikki SantoroJanuary 31, 2015

    Death merchants?

  8. TheJokool .January 31, 2015

    Get lost, Goldberg

  9. If you got Measles and were vaccinated then
    - The vaccine didn't work.
    - You will be sick a few days and have a natural build up immunity afterwards.
    -Possibly you were a carrier of Measles , didn't get sick yourself but
    passed it on to other people.
    Question to the pro-vaccine people ; In a recent CFR study a map
    shows that the biggest outbrakes of Measles Mumps and Rubella , are in the countries where most people were vaccinated against them, someone care to explain??

  10. gingercake5January 31, 2015

    You are right. Vaccines are useless, and possibly contain devious substances that will cause other effects years down the road.

  11. gingercake5January 31, 2015

    I know, right? No one explains how vaccinated people get the disease. They say dumb things like "Vaccines are not 100% effective unless you get all of them on the schedule and all the boosters, blah blah blah." Well, they are the sheeple. They are being pumped full of toxins which might cause awful things years down the road.

  12. Come to my house and do what?
    Shouldn't this be investigated as a threat?
    You come to my house, you'll be trespassing and be dealt with accordingly sweetheart.

  13. AnonymousMaxJanuary 31, 2015

    Coming to your house to do what?!?! is that an open ended threat, or is she implying that she's coming to your house to spread measles? because if thats the case, her logic is egregiously flawed. If your kid has measles, either you've already had measles, been vaccinated, or already exposed to measles by living with that kid with measles,..get it?

  14. yes right notJanuary 31, 2015

    another idiot called whoopie goldberg the real zionist

  15. What if my un-vaccinated kid gets the measles from your vaccinated kid? Do i get to slap you?

  16. Are the vaccines being sold Bogus?

  17. implicaverse .January 31, 2015

    So . . . she's admitting that she's not vaccinated either?

  18. A) I already had the measles decades ago.
    B) My kids already had the toxic MMR jabs years ago, fuck 'yer boosters!
    C) If you show up here, the critters will be consuming your remains.
    D) STFU!

  19. Ben WilliamJanuary 31, 2015

    ...and Whoopii, if a vaccinated person who contracts measles from the vaccine AS THE VACCINE INSERTS say you can, will YOU use aggression against those people as well? Or, are you just a violent hypocrite?

  20. Ben WilliamJanuary 31, 2015

    Here, here.
    When I wen't to school in the 1970's a third of the school kids didn't get vaccinated and you know what people with vaccines kids had to say? NOTHING. They respected everyones life, liberty and SELF DETERMINATION.

    Today, big pharma trains today's doctors to scare their patients RATHER than inform them. The result has been that certain pro vaccine people to become radically violent. This includes terrorism by advocating bombing of homes and auditoriums where doctors / scientist lecture on the adversities of vaccines.

    It's a shame Whoopi would pander violence to the lowest common denominator in the pro vaccine population.

  21. You may not like what you get yourself if you come to the wrong house, maybe someone will put you in your place you arrogant piece of garbage.

  22. I think this article is a clear case of Whoopi Cough

  23. dougdigglerJanuary 31, 2015

    Cool, then it's time to strip them of their wealth so they can see how easy it really is...

  24. NickVonNypheJanuary 31, 2015

    Oh noes... not a Whoopi in the house. Better get 'vaccined'.

  25. lets befriendsJanuary 31, 2015

    I'm heading to the vaccination factory RIGHT NOW!

  26. She also said that Roman Polanski's rape of a thirteen-year-old in 1977 wasn't "rape-rape"... this is the LAST person you want anywhere near your kids!!!

  27. It is truly amazing a person of Whoopi's sensibilities does not recognize she is partisipating in the fomenting of civil war in the USA.

    The pros against the antis. The blacks against the whites. The police against the citizens. The government against the people. Divide and conquer.

    Wake up Whoopi MLK will instruct you if you let him. Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.

  28. Bring it, bitch!

  29. if my kid gets autism from the mercury in your vaccines can you (i mean ya'll) get some mercury too?

  30. Glenn FestogFebruary 01, 2015

    I have never understood the concept that, because you're an actor and everybody knows your name ( a subtle reference to Ted Danson and Whoopi), that your opinion holds any more weight than anybody else. You're an entertainer; your opinion holds the same weight as Justen Bieber's on AGW.

  31. I think Whoopi has a secret fetish to kick down the doors of Americans. I mean, if Whoopi really put her money were her mouth is, she would go to her loving doctor and get the very vaccine she is pushing on the rest of us. Right?

  32. Whoopi as in Goldberg..

    The phony baloney US of Everything Is Rigged, Illegal (or pending)


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