Two Durham NC Cops Targeted For Assassination; Here’s What Will Happen Next If It Doesn’t Stop

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We’re taught from a young age (hopefully) not blame an entire group for the actions of a few.  Not all cops partake in police brutality just like all Muslims are not Islamic Jihadists; all young black men are not “thugs” and all women are certainly not “feminists” as the term has been bastardized today.
Unfortunately, it appears that there is a violent effort around the country to group all police into the same category of being oppressors who brutalize young black men.  This has already taken the lives of police officers.  It started with the cases of Mike Brown (the officer acted in self-defense) and Eric Garner (the officers indeed went too far but the man wasn’t killed by them, he died of a heart attack later in the hospital).

Grand juries cleared the officers but these facts don’t seem to matter to some, especially in the black community, who insist all cops are racist and target blacks and therefore must be eradicated.

Case in point in Durham, North Carolina where there have been two shootings in four days in which officers appear to be the targets.  This follows the assassination murders of two NYPD officers who were literally sitting in their car.  An officer’s home was shot at as well.
What exactly do these people targeting officers think is going to happen as a result?
From Bob Owens at Bearing Arms:
Citizens need to come to the realization—quickly—that a perceived war on police has nearly the same effect on their job performance as a real war on police.
When officers are afraid that any minor call is a set-up for a potential ambush, or that stopping to do paperwork sets up an opportunistic assassination attempt, how are officers expected to perform their most basic functions?  The simply reality of the matter is that they can’t, and both their willingness and ability to respond to crimes are going to plummet, as we are already seeing in New York.
Response times will be much slower as officers come in multi-vehicle teams instead of as “first available unit.” In some instances, officers simply will not come at all, especially in patrol areas where citizens are known to be hostile to police. And why should they?
Soon, in certain cities or at least certain parts of certain cities, people are going to learn what life is like under a “failure of civility.”
Some of the family members of police officers commented on the apparent targeting in Durham.
Here are the comments from the loved ones of the police officers from WRAL:
“It was the first time I had to take a step back and say ‘They are out to get (my husband), they are out to kill him,’” said one Durham officer’s wife, who did not want to be identified out of fear for her safety. “It is hard. It’s very hard. You do not know if your husband is going to come home at night.”
The incidents have left the wives and children of Durham officers worried to the point that they’ve removed pictures of their loved ones in uniform on social media and changed their daily routines.
“Everyone is on edge right now and really scared,” said one woman, who has a brother and cousin in local law enforcement and did not want to be identified.
With other happenings across the country of apparent law enforcement targeting, the loved ones wondered what would happen if there were no police officers or deputies to respond to emergencies.

“Don’t call 911 when you need help,” the officer’s wife said. “Go call your buddy down the street. See where that gets you.”
So while these people are attacking all officers and putting them on alert, they are hurting regular citizens.  Officers deal with the dregs of society on a daily basis.  Most are just trying to do their jobs; follow the law and protect those in need.  If you don’t like the laws as written, work on changing them in your state legislature.  If there are issues within your community with the police, work on resolving them.

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