You Won’t Believe What This Major City Is Doing To Shame And Punish Homeowners Who Waste Food!

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Because the city of Seattle isn’t one of the most ridiculous cities in the United States, they just added yet another law to prove they are completely outrageous! 
Apparently they don’t want people throwing out food in their trash.  That’s right, food.  

This brings “there are starving children in insert country here” so eat all of the food on your plate to a whole new meaning (if your parents didn’t use this line you’re probably a millennial)!

From Downtrend:
The city of Seattle has hired a private company to rifle through people’s garbage cans looking for “food waste.” If your trash container contains more than 10 percent of the offensive trash – and even “food-stained” garbage like soiled napkins – your curbside garbage bin will be tagged with a bright red sticker intended to shame you and you’ll be fined $1 on your next bill.
It’s an effort to reduce the amount of food waste in landfills – which is expensive and heavy to haul around, fills up our city dumps and gives off the scary global-warming gas methane.
In an NPR article, they claim the private contractors “don’t have to comb through the trash,” because they can see violations. But unless these folks have X-Ray vision, they’re not really enforcing the law.

So while they’re scrounging for banana peels and your half-eaten Hungry Man, what else will these authorized government monitors find? An edition of Barely Legal? A copy of The Anarchist Cookbook? Maybe a Home Depot receipt showing you bought some fertilizerBecause I’ll bet you that these private contractors are either encouraged – or required – to report “suspicious” garbage to the city.

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