Alabama Officer charged with 3rd degree assault after body slamming and paralyzing a 57 year old man who was on a morning walk.

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The police officer placed on leave after an incident that left an Indian man hospitalized last week has been charged with third-degree assault.

Police Chief Larry Muncey said Thursday afternoon the officer's actions when he threw Sureshbhai Patel, 57, on the ground did not meet the standards of the Madison Police Department. Muncey said he would recommend Officer Eric Parker's termination from the department.
"I sincerely apologize to Mr. Patel, Mr. Patel's family and our community," Muncey said.
Muncey would not comment further after the news conference, saying a federal lawsuit filed earlier Thursday by Patel prevented him from doing so.
During the news conference, police played a call that was placed to the police non-emergency number and police dispatch audio of the morning when someone called to report a suspicious man on Hardiman Place Lane Feb. 6.
Police also showed dashcam video from two different patrol cars of the incident along with audio from the microphone the officer was wearing.
Patel's lawsuit claims he received spinal injuries from the incident that left him paralyzed. The suit states he has since regained partial use of all limbs except for his right leg.
You can watch the two different angles of the dash camera video below. In one video, after he's thrown down, officers can be heard telling Patel to uncross his legs and eventually uncrossing his legs for him. Officers then lift him up and tell him to walk, and his legs dangle before the officers set him back on the ground. - Huntsville, Alabama - News Weather, Sports |
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