American Kids Trying Breakfasts From Around The World Have Hilariously Unfiltered Reactions (14 Pics)

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We know what people eat for breakfast varies across the globe, but the team over at Cut Video, in collaboration with Kitchen Bowl, decided to see how American kids would react to some of the typical morning meals from around the world.
Watch these American kids eat breakfasts from around the world.

The taste test started with a traditional Korean breakfast and most of the kids were not into it.

The Brazilian breakfast didn't go over any better, when they tried coffee for the first time.

When Finland's dish was served, the fish didn't seem all too appetizing.

But, many of them were pleasantly surprised by its taste and texture.

The kids continued to use all their senses, detecting a pungent odor from the Vietnamese breakfast.

Yet again, many of them were surprised to find that the meal was quite delicious.

One kid's priceless reaction to Poland's breakfast…

Quickly changed after his first bite.

There were many ups and downs throughout this experiment, but all the kids seemed to agree that the Netherlands has the right idea.

You can't go wrong with chocolate for breakfast.

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