Comcast cashes elderly woman’s rent check, offers credit in return

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At 79 years old, Albuquerque, New Mexico, resident Frances Wilson lives on a fixed income provided by Social Security, which leaves little room for financial error. Which, of course, is where Comcast comes in.

Wilson reportedly mistakenly included a $235 rent check along with her monthly $20 payment for Comcast’s services, both of which the company promptly cashed. Odd, considering that the rent check wasn’t made out to Comcast, though that didn’t seem to slow the cable giant down any.
A customer-service rep confirmed as much to Wilson, offering eventually to credit the amount to her account. Which, of course, isn’t extremely useful to a person living off of Social Security who needs to pay her rent this month, not her cable bill for the next 10 months.

As a result, Wilson contacted a local news team, KRQE, to get to the bottom of things. And, as it turns out, the system for check cashing is entirely automated, which explains how the check got cashed in the first place:

Cindy Parsons, a Comcast spokeswoman said that happened because no employee ever touched the payments. The system is all automated.
Wilson had to come up with an additional $235 for her rent payment.

Parsons said mistakes like this have happened in the past, but they’re quick to fix them. 
In Wilson’s case, Parsons said that wasn’t done. 
“We reached out to the customer immediately — and apologize — and our big focus was to correct the situation as soon as possible,” Parsons said. 
According to KRQE, Comcast corrected the situation within an hour of them having contacted the cable company. Perhaps surprisingly, they offered Wilson a threefold reimbursement: $235 cash, $235 for her cable bill, and a $235 reimbursement check for the initial erroneously cashed check. 


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