George W. Bush Asked What He Misses Most About Being President; This Is What He Said

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Former President George W. Bush said he is often asked what he misses about being president.
TheBlaze reports:
“People say, ‘Do you miss much?’” Bush recounted at a military conference last Wednesday.
First, the 43rd president used the question to crack a couple jokes.

“I miss … the Air Force accommodating me with a shower on the airplane that flew me around,” he said. “I don’t get irritated, but I do have to stop at stoplights now.”
Then, things got serious.
“I miss saluting those who volunteer to put themselves in harms way,” Bush said. “And I have vowed for the remainder of my life that I will do all I can do to help our vets.”
Watch the whole thing (Skip to the 21.53 mark):
Can you imagine our current president saying this? My guess is what he’ll miss the most are the muti-million dollar vacations and the ability to destroy the country.

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