Microsoft Cofounder Bill Gates joins physicist Stephen Hawking and Entrepreneur Elon Musk with a warning about Artificial Intelligence.

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Microsoft Cofounder and CEO Bill Gates joins a meeting over Artificial Intelligence with scientist and industry notables including famed physicist Stephen Hawking and internet innovator Elon Musk, with a threat about intelligent thinking machines. Microsoft founder Bill Gates shared his thoughts on Artificial Intelligence on AMA (Ask me anything) on a social media site Reddit, a Q&A thread.
I am in a camp that is concerned with super intelligence”, Gates said while responding to question about the existential threat posted on Artificial Intelligence. “First, the machines will be smart to do task for themselves. Secondly, they will not be super intelligent. They will be of great help if managed very well. A few decades later intelligence will be of great concern”.
Bill Gates is not the only one concerned about the threats of artificial intelligence, Musk is also the one who is worried. Elon Musk is the billionaire, Cofounder of SpaceX and chairman of Tesla Motors. Tesla Motors were initially developed by Martin Ebberhard, Elon Musk invested heavily in industry and became the chairman of motors. Although he is not an expert in Artificial Intelligence, yet he is concerned with future of artificial intelligence and signed a document. The document states to make Artificial Intelligence in the future more robust and more advanced but within the control of human beings for maximum performance. The document in other words proposed a proper safeguard to develop robust artificial intelligence products under the entire control of humans. Elon Musk signed the document earlier this month.

Artificial Intelligence Threat

The reason they are worried about artificial intelligence is that artificial intelligence is not a fiction any more, we have seen in movies like “Matrix trilogy” an Artificial Intelligence Idea gone wild. In the movie we have seen that highly advanced machines deem humanity a threat. When a sky net computers in “The terminator” movie series become sentient, it wages a multiyear war using human like robots primarily designed to kill.
Back to real world, Apple’s Siri a voice Assistant may appears dumb now, but Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter and stronger, until developers develop the way in which machines could teach themselves and mine deep down the trove from the data collected many of our gadgets. IBM Watson Computers moved on conducting automated medical research and diagnosis, and researchers earlier this month detailed unbeatable pokercomputer on the planet. Are the things enough to worry, not? Well Bill Gates and Elon Musk are trying to imagine the worst.
Musk in the October called Artificial Intelligence Development as summoning the demon and invested heavily in Space Industry. MuskCollaborated by saying that like dinosaurs are extinct today, humans do need to exist over some other planets or either go extinct. Hawking, writing for Independent in 2014 wrote “The short term impact of Artificial Intelligence is who controls it, while the long term impact is either it can be controlled or not”.
Gates warning about artificial intelligence in the future comes as Microsoft is developing a machine intelligence called Cortana. The software based off the well-known character of Halo series of video games, is available on windows phone 8.1. However, the software will make its way to personal computers with windows 10 which is due this year. Windows 10 is the new product of Company’s major release.

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