Mum ‘kills son, 10, to save him from embarrassment because his ears were too big

A MUM who throttled her 10-year-old son to death because she thought his big ears were ruining his life is facing murder charges in Turkey.
Nuray Sacan, 37, had paid for the boy to have cosmetic surgery in Gazi Hospital in the capital Ankara, but when she turned up to see the results she told surgeons she was unhappy with the way it turned out.
So she took the youngster to the women’s toilet in the early hours of the morning and choked him to death with her own scarf.
She was caught when she fled the hospital in her car but hit another vehicle and confessed to the killing while she was being taken back to hospital in an ambulance.
“Both his ears had become even bigger after the surgery.
“He became very ugly. He would have felt even more ashamed in front of his friends. I did it to save him such embarrassment,” Sacan said.
She claimed she had paid for the surgery because her son had suffered years of bullying and teasing because of his sticking out ears.
“I was trying to protect him from a lifetime of pain.”
But surgeon Dr Metin Yilmaz, who carried out the operation said: “I am astonished she would think that. The operation was a simple one and it was a complete success. There were no post-operative issues and he was due to go home.”


  1. A normal person with a special needs child and a dying husband would find their time and emotions consumed by those things. These obsessive mean tricks against a couple who merely outbid he in a fair-and-square real estate deal smack of a psychopath at work. I would check to see if she had a big life insurance policy on her husband, and how he caught cancer.

  2. implicaverse .February 17, 2015

    A little while ago there was a national news story about a woman who went to a house and told the residents that she was a queen and it was her house and they would have to leave. And that's all she did -- go to their door, tell them a crazy story, once.

    I wondered why that story made the national news. Every now and then crazy people come up to me and tell me crazy things and walk away, and it's never made the national news.

    Well, there was a picture with the article. The woman, the would-be queen, was black. And so of course, in the comments sections, there were plenty of racist remarks about black people in general.

    Kathy Rowe repeatedly harassed these people to the point of ruining their reputations and endangering their lives. And you can check Google Images, she's white. And this is what a crazy white person has to do in order to make the national news.

    Next time you think the 'liberal' media goes easy on blacks, keep this juxtaposition in mind.

  3. Gordon KlockFebruary 17, 2015

    She looks scary in her photos, like one of those malevolent ladies who often call the authorities, on their neighbors for their own sadistic amusement.( & kill the neighborhood cats in secret...)

  4. And there goes more American IT contracts as the World says :"We do not want your BUGS"

  5. Was this woman on prescription anti-depressants?

  6. desertspeaksFebruary 17, 2015

    simple fix, don't use a hard drive.. use linux dsl or puppy and run on ram, no hard drive necessary! F them!

  7. Thank you Pop_Korn, I don't think this question gets asked enough. It is common for SSRIs and sleeping pills to bring on very odd and sometimes risky behavior that is otherwise uncharacteristic of the individual using them — happened with my father.

    "SSRI stories" can be an enlightening, interesting and sad Google search.


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