Obama’s Latest Weekend Getaway; How Much it Costs Taxpayers

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The Obamas are at it again, living like royalty rather than elected politicians. Over the weekend, the First Family went on separate trips, costing the American taxpayer at least a whopping $2.5 million.
Not only that, but the two spent Valentine’s Day apart from one another, prompting Obama to wish his wife a “Happy Valentine’s Day” over a television broadcast. Trouble in paradise, Mr. President?
According to USA today, Barack Obama whisked himself away to California in order to play three rounds of golf at the Porcupine Creek Golf Course in Palm Springs. A website that keeps track of Obama’s excessive trips to the green says these latest games bring our Commander-in-Chief up to 219 rounds since he took office.

Of course, golfing wasn’t the only thing Obama did while out in California, as he saw fit to take even more money from the American people. This time through fundraising, Obama held an event for the Democratic National Committee at the home of venture capitalist Sandy Robinson, as reported by the Mail Online.
Plates and a picture with the president ran attendees $10,000. Guests feeling a bit more spunky could bump it up a bit and co-chair the event for a measly $32,400.

Michelle, on the other hand, took a different presidential jet to ski with her daughters in Aspen, Colorado. While they were apart, Barack thought the best way to express his love for the woman he married would be to make a brief televised appearance to wish her a happy Valentine’s Day.
As for how much it cost you, Mail Online broke it down rather nicely:
According to figures obtained by Judicial Watch, President Obama’s VC-25A jet, commonly known as Air Force One costs $228,288 per hour while it is in the air.
It is estimated that the jet, which has a cruising speed of 575mph spent approximately ten hours in the air during its four-day trip to the West Coast, at a cost of $2,228,000.
Previous golfing trips on Presidents’ Day cost $50,000 in hotels and a further $16,000 in car rental.
Mrs Obama’s skiing trip in 2013 cost more than $81,000 according to figures released to Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act. The earlier trip cost $13,000 in flights, $4,000 in car hire and a further $64,000 for renting an exclusive lodge.
Add up those averages and you get $2,375,000 – and that’s not all the extras the Obama have proven to love so much.

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  1. Damn! Just think how much this would have cost us tax payers if he took AS MANY VACATIONS as Bushjr. the "Vacation President" did! Obama seems frugal in comparison. Two Terms and less then HALF the COST for VACATIONS…..Thanks Obama!


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