Presidents Say Some Of The Darndest (And Dumbest) Things (20 Pics)

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Sometimes, the President of the United States just screws up while talking. It can be in an offhand comment, an announcement to the public, or during an address to Congress. Maybe it's because they're tired, or not thinking clearly, or maybe they're just not thinking at all. But, luckily for us, these moments of ineloquence are recorded for future generations to enjoy and remember that even the President is just a regular person.

Fortunately, though, for most regular people, there's seldom the chance to look foolish in front of millions.
George W. Bush, making the entire country cringe.

President Bill Clinton, contemplating English grammar during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Vice President Joe Biden, getting his Vice Presidency off to a great start.

President Barack Obama, foolishly revealing the eight secret states established by the government.

Your learn something new every day...even if you're President Ronald Reagan.

Apparently, Vice President Dan Quayle was a real space cadet.

Sure you didn't, Bill.

President Warren G. Harding, contemplating the one thing he should probably be certain about.

Vice President Al Gore, showing his zoological prowess.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, showing his deep understanding of the difference between the past and present.

President Gerald Ford, evoking Abraham Lincoln...buried alive.

President Jimmy Carter, from a interview with Playboy.

President George W. Bush, sharing some of his wise words.

Word choice, Joe. Word. Choice.

Martin Van Buren, referring to new trains that could travel at a whopping 15 mph.

Al Gore loves to brag about "inventing the Internet." Thanks, Al.

President Ronald Reagan, obviously frustrated with reality.

President H. W. Bush, briefly revealing his internal struggles with his opinions that may or may not be his.

Vice President Dan Quayle, revealing his psychic powers of foresight.

In one fell swoop, President Richard Nixon redefines what the term "illegal" means.

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