The MASSIVE difference concealed carry makes in Houston vs Chicago is staggering

Liberals are under the delusion that passing strict legislation making it more difficult to purchase firearms will some how magically make bad guys start behaving more nicely.
The problem, of course, is that bad guys don’t buy guns from legal dealers, they buy them on the black market so they’re untraceable. Gun control legislation only takes guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, making them easier targets for whack job criminals.
Big government hacks may not like to admit it, but an armed society is a polite society. The chart below illustrates this point by showcasing how much of a difference concealed carry makes in Houston versus Chicago.
This is staggering.
Take another look at the vast difference in homicides for Houston in 2012 compared to Chicago. That’s incredible.
The evidence here is clear and speaks for itself. An unarmed populace is at a much higher risk for becoming victims of a violent crime than those who are armed. This is common sense, of course, but we all know that critical thinking isn’t really a liberal’s strong suit.
Guns are tools for protection. The Founding Fathers believed that each individual person should ultimately be the one in charge of his or her own security, both from criminals and from tyrannical government, hence the Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights.
Conservatives need to continue actively fighting for their right to bear arms. We need to continue voting in pro-gun candidates and vote in favor of pro-gun legislation when it’s on the ballot. Protecting yourself is a God-given right, and the only way to lose it is to stop fighting to preserve it.


  1. "Liberals are under the delusion....."
    "Conservatives need to continue...."
    Stop putting people in boxes and stereotyping!

  2. Hell, we'll settle for a bona fide second party.
    The warfare/welfare blending has been accomplished.

  3. Hell, I'd settle for a primary party. With 2/3 of the voters staying home last Nov.(me included), you'd think someone would get the drift. The existing party(s) don't care. It's a closed shop.

  4. Why do mass shootings happen in gun-free zones but not at firing ranges?

  5. Having lived in Houston for many years, I know guns in the hands of law abiding citizens helps a lot. Especially after the influx of evacuees from hurricane Katrina. Many neighborhoods around the stadium area had a huge difference in population, and the increase in crime accompanied that. The problem with places like Chicago is those idiots think the bad guys somehow will magically follow the rules. Reminds me of this from last year... Criminals Line Up to Register Guns "We Dun Seen Da Light, Yo!"

  6. The term "stereotyping" is just another way of saying "group characteristic"
    Liberals, as a group DO in fact wish to disarm the law abiding in a misguided effort to disarm criminals.
    They have been wrong, dead wrong.


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