These Vintage Disney Mascots Turned A Theme Park Into A Nightmare Factory

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Tourists everywhere know Walt Disney World as the place where dreams come true. While that may be accurate nowadays (especially with the expanded Fantasyland), it looked more like a place where nightmares came alive when it first opened.

Sure, meeting the characters from your favorite Disney cartoons was a fun idea. However, it seemed in the beginning that costume designers from the park couldn't keep up with the company's innovative character designs. Instead, they clothed theme park actors in outfits that would feel right at home at any cult ceremony.

Mickey sees you with his unblinking, all-knowing eyes.
These masks look like they were made for some weird things.

If you look closely, you realize this kid is kneeling execution style.

You remember when Mickey's face was all cut up like a demented jack-o-lantern? Memories...

If these are the pigs, I'd hate to see the big bad wolf.

Hey, Mickey and Minnie: show us on your hands how many people you killed today.

Little does this woman know an ambush is about to take place...on ice!

I don't know why, but the creepiest thing about this thing is that she(?) has five fingers. The cartoons I grew up with kept it at four and we were all ok with it.

Had Disney even seen Winnie the Pooh at this point? They know it's not about demons, right?

I just don't understand why Mickey has to wear heels, too.

*cue deranged version of "When you wish upon a star"*

The costume department since upped its game, and costumes look pretty close to the characters they are supposed to represent. It's too bad Disney is still filled with creepy urban legends that halo the parks with a ring of death.

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