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A 7 year old boy from Tennessee decided to sport a military-style hair cut like his older step brother who is in the military. Apparently that didn’t go over so well with his school. 
The principal of the middle school felt that the haircut was against school policy, which prevents students from sporting “mohawk haircuts or other extreme cuts.”
Even though Adam was scolded by the principal, his mother sent him to school with the same haircut the next day to prove a point. The principal emailed the mother asking to meet her in person.

The principal told Stinnett to give her son a new haircut before sending him back to school. Stinnett said that she was forced to shave his head because the previous high and tight style did not leave many options.
After Stinnett contacted the local newspaper about the incident, multiple local affiliates picked up on the story. Articles concerning the event gained a lot of attention on Facebook and garnered so many comments for the school district’s Facebook page that officials were forced to take the page down.
Bobby Cox, the director of schools for the district, said they were “not necessarily threatening,” but that they were adding to the stressful situation. The Warren County Board of Education released a statement on Wednesday that said, “Neither Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary, nor any school in Warren County School District, prohibits military haircuts.”
According to the school district, each school makes their own rules about hair cuts. Is there really a need to force children not to have the hair style they want? Bizarre.


  1. freewheelinfranklin543March 28, 2015

    Behold the face of the greatest mass murderer of Americans in history.
    700,000 soldiers on both sides. 100,000 southern civilians killed by the US Army and tens of thousands of southern women raped(including black women)! Why do you people make a hero and a god out of this piece of crap,who by the way was a stooge of the railroads and banks!

  2. TheEndIsNighMarch 28, 2015

    And all this carnage to deny Southern States their constitutional right to secede ... a Constitution he swore to uphold. It stopped at 700,000 ... but this extremist was "all-in" and would have gone the distance!

  3. Kurt MeyerMarch 28, 2015

    He was a mentally unstable fratricidal charlatan who was working for the industrialists who were raping the South and later abused the corpse. He used altruistic spew to disguise his murderous program of aggression for capturing the South as a Northern industrialist territory. The North went on a sickening victor's feeding frenzy after the war.

    And then, the propagandists warped reality so this bearded beast would be praised. America is living so many fictions, and loving it.

    It's a shame. If the South had won, it would have set a precedent for the states' right of secession from the abusive central US government.

  4. 1angrywhitemaleMarch 28, 2015

    Because most Americans have been brainwashed from Day One to worship this evil man. Why? Lincoln destroyed the Republic, and the gov't wants us to swallow the "one nation, indivisible" concept that was opposite to the Framers' vision.

  5. 1angrywhitemaleMarch 28, 2015

    Yep. You know what else? This creep was credited with ending slavery, which was arguably the one good thing that resulted from The War to Prevent Southern Independence, yet Abe despised blacks and wanted to deport them. He was as much a racist as lived in the U.S. at the time, and was also as corrupt as they come. Indeed, perhaps the worst mass murderer in history up to that time.

  6. I've got an idea. Stop capital punishment entirely and start acting like civilized human beings. After centuries and centuries of history behind us, this is the best we can come up with?

  7. Governments kill.

  8. As a northerner in a blue state, I'd love to cut the South free. The red states suck up way more in federal benefits than they contribute in federal revenues. In the blue states, the reverse is true.


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