A Photographer’s Guide to Taking the Perfect Photo (10 pics)

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These photo composition tips from award-winning photographer, Steve McCurry, offer a little help for novices who want to improve their craft.

#1 Rule of Thirds
Place points of interest on intersections
#2 Leading Lines
Use natural lines to lead the eye into the picture
#3 Diagonals
Diagonal lines create great movement
#4 Framing
Use natural frames like windows and doors
#5 Figure to Ground
Find a contrast between subject and background
#6 Fill the Frame
Get close to your subjects

#7 Center Dominant Eye
Place the dominant eye in the center of the photo. This gives the impression the eyes follow you
#8 Patterns and Repetition
Patterns are aesthetically pleasing. But the best is when the pattern is interrupted
#9 Symmetry
Symmetry is pleasing to the eye
#10 Rules were meant to be broken
Enjoy yourself and photograph in your own way and style

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