Disabled Vet Has ALL His Guns Taken Away For This BOGUS Reason

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In Arizona two neighbors have had an ongoing dispute over landscaping. Apparently the dispute has lasted for months but it took a turn for the worse recently and as a result the outrageous has occurred. 
 A disabled Navy veteran has just had all of his firearms confiscated due to false claims made by his next door neighbor.
Rick Bailey, 56, was honorably discharged from the Navy with a medical discharge in 1986. He then worked as a software systems engineer until 2001, when he finally had to retire due to medical reasons.

The same day that Judge Baxter issued the injunctions, the Glendale police department confiscated Bailey’s collection of firearms that took him a lifetime to accumulate. Bailey told me that 28 guns were taken valued at over $25,000. Within his collection was a World War 2 era M1 Garand valued at $5500, and a Winchester 1897 pump shotgun.
This is one of the insanities with our legal system. Any moron can get a restraining order based on their WORD alone with absolutely no hard evidence to back it up.
The two will have to go to court where the judge will most likely throw out the order but in the meantime Bailey is now a sitting duck who has a lunatic for a neighbor.
This happens on a regular basis in this country and it’s wrong. People have been abusing this law for years but no one has done anything to change it.

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