Fourteen Signs You’re In a Bad Neighborhood



  1. jeff perrinMarch 29, 2015

    I can think of one major problem with this idea; what does the wise old folk do if the ship isn't scheduled to a destination, pulled in for refitting, damaged and out of service? Does the cruise line simply allow her to move to a different ship in their line? Does the cruise ship company make adjustment UP if the cost for a boarding pass on a different ship is higher?
    I love the idea of someone being able to actually get MORE than their money's worth. But I highly doubt this would actually be allowed. And I especially do not believe an injury aboard ship will get anyone a 'lifetime' pass. Even the survivors of the Costa Concordia will only be offered a replacement pass and an additional pass.

    Of course, if these particular passengers have good lawyers they may negotiate a 'lifetime' or very long term pass or, if he/she is a GREAT lawyer, enough compensation to afford a lifetime of travel may come the way of the affected passenger.
    And, back to the 24/7/365 on board; if injured seriously you WILL be put ashore (probably in a third World hospital where your cruising days and living days may very well come to an end). Ship's do not actually have 'hospital' accommodations but more like a high quality 'first aid' station. Not to belittle the shipping industries medical personnel, but they just aren't given all that much to work with. I'm sorry, I hope I haven't ruined anyone's future plans and, if I am wrong, please tell me!! Then, I'll start shopping for my 'retirement cabin on the seas'.

  2. The elephant in Comey's living room is that good, strong, effective encrypted communication tools exist that are free, open source, and not from any "company". The FBI can try to ban open-source crypto, it didn't work in the 90's and it won't work now.


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