Garbage man jailed for 30 days because he came to work too EARLY and annoyed residents of wealthy Atlanta suburb

A garbage collector in an affluent Atlanta suburb has been sentenced to 30 days in prison for starting his work too early.
Kevin McGill accepted a guilty plea deal, after he violated an ordinance in Sandy Springs, north of Atlanta, which bans garbage collections before 7 am.
Mr. McGill, who works for Waste Management Inc., reported to a local jail at 6 pm on Friday, the day on which he turned 48. He was allowed to serve his sentence on the weekends, so that he can still work collecting wealthy residents’ trash and support his wife and two children. (Scroll down for the video.)
1. Kevin McGill, 48, will serve 30 days in jail after pleading guilty to picking up trash in Sandy Springs, Georgia, before 7 am.
This Garbage Man Is JAILED For 30 Days After Annoyed Residents Of A Wealthy Atlanta Suburb Complain That He Came To Work Too Early.
Mr. McGill didn’t have an attorney to represent him when he was sentenced and has since filed a motion to withdraw his plea, his new attorney Kimberly Bandoh told The Daily Mail.
The Court Chief Solicitor Bill Riley had asked for a 30-day sentence for the offense of picking up garbage in Sandy Springs at around 5 am and the judge granted the penalty.
Mr. McGill was sentenced on February 20th at the local courthouse, which is run by private contractors hired by the city.
Ms. Bandoh says that there were no real negotiations between Mr. McGill and Mr. Riley when her client was sentenced, The Daily Mail reports. She added that the solicitor had claimed her client’s offense meant “automatic jail time”.
The solicitor has since stood by the request for jail, saying that “fines don’t seem to work” and that “the only thing that seems to stop the activity is actually going to jail”.
2. Sandy Springs Solicitor Bill Riley said that it was the right decision to punish Mr. McGill, rather than his company, Waste Management.

Mr. Riley explained that Sandy Springs residents, who include professional athletes and executives for Delta Air Lines, start calling 911 when they hear early garbage men, WSPAreports.
He added that it was the right decision to punish Mr. McGill, who had only started this route three months ago, rather than his company Waste Management, which Sandy Springs has contracted to collect its residents’ trash.
The prosecutor said that early trash collection annoys residents who want to sleep and added that his office had previously met with Waste Management after punishing other employees for violating the city’s ordinance.
A Waste Management representative went to the courthouse with Mr. McGill, who expected to receive a $1,000 fine, Ms. Bandoh said.
Marla Prince, a Waste Management spokesperson, told The Daily Mail:
The incident with WM employee Kevin McGill is very unfortunate and we are currently working with WM Legal Counsel to resolve the situation.
Ms. Prince added that she had not heard of a garbage collector going to jail for a similar incident in the company’s South Atlantic area of Georgia and the Carolinas.
3. Mr. McGill is now working with lawyer Kimberly Bandon (pictured) and has filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea.

Ms. Prince stated that Waste Management, which operates throughout the U.S. and reported $14 billion in revenue in 2014, would coordinate with Mr. McGill about his work schedule and jail time.
Sharon Kraun, a spokesperson for Sandy Springs, said that Mr. McGill’s punishment resulted from an incident where his truck had been photographed by a resident, according to The Daily Mail.
The city of Sandy Springs had seen a previous case in which a garbage collector was given jail time several years ago, Ms. Kraun said. While no similar cases had happened since then, she argued, the collectors had received a “fair warning”.
She added that Waste Management, which had accrued thousands of dollars in fines in Sandy Springs over the past year, had suspended Mr. McGill for violating its policies before he appeared in court.
Waste Management has not answered questions about Mr. McGill’s employment history with the company and has said it was “currently still investigating all the facts in the case”.


  1. legal eagleMarch 08, 2015

    OK, now how is the prosecutor's office going to get this one whitewashed? We all know by now that cops are not the brightest bulbs in the pack, and the courts have ruled that these barely-above-average in IQ cops are just fine.
    The DA's however are the only ones who get to address the Grand Jury and this later only gets to hear from the DA in a closed session without the benefit of transparency or defense presence.
    If this cop doesn't go down for murder you know the DA has stacked the deck.
    Any claim of the cop "fearing for his life" or thinking the victim had a gun when he was photographing snow is disingenuous, shallow and an attempt at obfuscating what we all know to be another case in a long line of police committed crimes that have gone unanswered.

  2. ALL trashmen should refuse to pickup ANY trash in that place. Let them wallow in it. If you live near there ...... TAKE them some.

  3. "If this cop doesn't go down for murder"
    What cop? What are you talking about?

    "According to ABC affiliate WFAA, witnesses told police that a group of men randomly started firing a gun and some nearby cars were also hit."

  4. at least read the HEADLINE .......geeeeez

  5. Jack of SpadesMarch 08, 2015

    Don't get caught.

  6. Jack of SpadesMarch 08, 2015

    There is more to this story than a random shooting accident. That's bullshit.

  7. BaronGreenback_1March 08, 2015

    Only in America !

  8. freewheelinfranklin543March 08, 2015

    Pathetic rich people and lawyers! Ryan's got it right,let the swine wallow in their filth!

  9. A fine, payable by the trash collector himself, unless there's evidence that the employer knew or should have known he was starting too early, in which case the employer should be subject to increasing fines for each violation.

  10. There is a reason trash is picked up early. By picking it up early you avoid the traffic problems cause by picking it up while people are getting up and heading to work in their cars. What that translates into is faster pickup and lower labor cost. No doubt Waste Management is behind the early pickups. However do you see a waste management foreman or manager going to jail? What this amounts to is slavery. Work all week and then go to jail on the weekend. When this is over they ought to through that DA worthless butt in jail for the weekend.

  11. I think you ought to pay the fine. Employees are supervised by their employers. The are not independent contractors. If someone needs to do time make it the Waste Management CEO because like everything else the hunger for profit is behind this injustice.

  12. MLK died while support a sanitation workers strike in Memphis. The unions should be fighting back and if the workers at Waste Management aren't unionized than they need to be. This kind of thing is an insult to working people every where.

  13. Unless you know something not posted here the cops didn't do this shooting.

  14. Its a random criminal attack not a random shooting accident. Meaning for the time being they don't which window the criminal fired from.

  15. Totally gay

  16. US is not safe for Iraqis. Stay away.

  17. All Americans are 'TERRORIST ENEMY INSANE Combatants' and should be treated abroad accordingly.

    There just aren't any US tourists - just US terrorists.

  18. ConfuciousMarch 08, 2015

    Unless this "trash man" is picking up the garbage at two in the morning, I think he's got grounds for a pretty good lawsuit against his company. I'd let my lawyers take care of it. As for the city, what next: jail time for obstructing traffic, or for disturbing the peace with stinky vehicles... how about driving on the passenger side of the vehicle? I think guns might be drawn on that one! Waste Management is a huge company. I'd take this incident as an omen of things to come and would take my business elsewhere. Let these sleepyheads pick up their own damn trash!!

  19. Why ought I pay the fine? I have nothing to do with it.

    The rest of your comment I'm in complete agreement with, as was my prior comment.

  20. Shorty Laurie RodriguezMarch 09, 2015

    Power tripped, ex judge now DA......

    First of all.....this is about power and control......"pro etc" .....they say hop and the DA satisfies.....

    And no headway with company so to please the "rich & sassy" pulls this little stunt....victimizing the employee.

    (DA should not be DA) There are always going to be gripes and those that are wealthy and snotty as crap, to boot. Nothing will ever satisfy them. The use their status's/wealth to control people. Those kinds of people deserve their own island! So no one else is forced to deal with them. But, since they are here they should be treated special!?!?!? There have been Pro Athletes arrested and charged for serious, terrible things and have been told......u are no better than anyone player or not!! So what is the problem with telling them how it is...... everybody all over America deal with crap they don't like....get over it!!!!!! You are no better than anyone else!!!!....added totally agree with Ryan every trash company that operates for the wealthy there ought to just stop. Until they can stop complaining and appreciate what is done for them......and neighboring communities should stand up with the trash companies and put them in check. The whole world I bet would take notice if group efforts were made to put an end to this type of treatment of the rich & snotty.


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