Here Are 37 Times That Wikipedia Was Brutally Honest And Hilarious

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Anytime there is a question asked that you don’t know the answer to, where is one of the first places you visit? I use my phone to check Google most of the time, which in turn leads me to the glorious website Wikipedia. And then most of the time I’m able to find my answer pretty quickly.  They have pages for almost every little thing that you can think of. And while that’s a good thing, it can also be a terribly bad thing. The reason it could be bad, is because anyone, and I mean anyone, can update a Wikipedia page. While this seems like an okay idea, it can go off the deep end pretty fast. After seeing these, I’m pretty glad I don’t have a Wikipedia page. Here are 37 times that Wikipedia was brutally honest with its entries just like they did with the simpsons last week.

1. This sounds about right. I’m surprised they didn’t hack into it as they were typing.

2. Well this one makes me a little sad to think about.

3. Oh, the Germans sure to do love David Hasslehoff.

4. Yet I continue to chew and chew away when it comes to this candy.

5. Maybe it’s because he would get their imagination going when he would say things like, “Try to imagine that you are a tree. How do you want to look out here?”

6. While I know it isn’t exactly the Christmas spirit but sometimes carolers make me want to not answer the door.

7. I am sure there is a reason behind all of the different spellings, and I think all of them are right.

8. Alright, this one made me LOL.

9. I know for a fact that I struggle with Spring Forward. I don’t mind Fall Back since you get an extra hour of your day.

10. I’m sure doctors absolutely despise WebMD, and they probably should.

11. Awwww sad.

12. I love egg nog, but it’s definitely a secret obsession. OOPS I guess it’s not anymore.

12. I love egg nog, but it’s definitely a secret obsession. OOPS I guess it’s not anymore.

14. Anyone that has graduated high school knows this to be true.

15. Gift receipts are the best, just in case you get two of something.

16. Good ol’ Halloween, turning school teachers into naughty nurses one night out of the year.

17. This is so true and yet, so sad.

18. I’m not sure which one is more dangerous, but I’d guess texting while driving is.

19. Not too many people can make a living being a magician.

20. Why is it that Corvette owners are always between about 40-60 years old?

21. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything! That just opened up your resume to a world of possibilities.

22. Be careful who you get stuck with under the mistletoe.

23. If you have a choice between a motel or a hotel, always go with the hotel. You’ll sleep better and have less bed bugs.

24. I’ve even seen some malls that have 2 Sunglass Hut stores.

25. Nothing worse than someone who finds something to brag about when it comes to every aspect of their life.

26. This is true. He’s definitely not living in Silicon Valley.

27. That is kind of a scary thought, isn’t it?

28. Thanksgiving is an odd holiday to celebrate when you think about its history.

29. And some people get a free day off. Don’t forget about them!

30. Okay, okay. You caught me!

31. Why don’t they just use regular numbers for the Super Bowl? Maybe because roman numerals look a little more fancy.

32. Sociology is an odd subject to major in. You’ll earn a little bit more about what you already knew.

33. Don’t they wish?

34. This is sad and very true. But you can a free lunch at the local buffet if you’re lucky!
35. It’s not all that anonymous anymore, is it?

36. White Zinfandel – making visits with your parents just a little more bearable.

37. World Champions, if the world consisted of 2 countries both located in North America. It might be time to rethink that name.

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