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The way some Americans decide to treat our brave war veterans is getting worse.
In this story, out of Daytona Beach, Florida, a proud American veteran was treated with contemptible disrespect by a hotel desk clerk who refused to rent him a room. 
Former Army Sgt. Robert Price simply wanted to find a place to sleep while he was on vacation in Daytona Beach, FL. He was not alone. He had with him his trusty companion and service dog, Walker.

After serving in the Middle East and facing bomb attacks for years, Price developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Walker’s job is to assist him when in need. He is an official service dog with the proper identifying vest and paperwork.
But, that didn’t matter to the desk clerk, Bina Patel, at the Budget Inn. She told Price that his dog was not allowed, and said she would call the police on him for having a dog on the premises when he wouldn’t leave.

Patel did end up calling the police. Of course, after police were apprised of the situation, they took the law’s side, which means they took the side of Sgt. Price and his service dog, Walker.
I worked in the hotel industry as a desk clerk for two years. I can tell you that ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS they teach you is that a service dog, properly licensed, cannot be turned away, even if the premises normally prohibits pets. We’ll check to make sure the identifying paperwork is in order, since only dogs that are labeled “service” animals are permitted. But the law states that the guest cannot be turned away, if there are rooms available.
Service animals are not “pets.”

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