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The Westboro Baptist Church had announced plans to picket the funeral of Leonard Nimoy, but now the hate-filled church has been thwarted by funeral planners.

Nimoy died this week, prompting an outpouring of support from across the country, including President Obama. But his death also drew an angry response from the Westboro Baptist Church, the church famous for its anti-gay protests. The group often targets funerals, both of celebrities and of soldiers killed overseas, showing up with signs filled with anti-gay slurs. It had promised to be on site when Nimoy was laid to rest.
But now the Westboro Baptist Church has announced it will not be protesting at Leonard Nimoy’s funeral after planners decided to make the memorial private. The church announced the decision early Sunday on one of its official Twitter handles.
If the Westboro Baptist Church had been able to attend, Star Trek fans were ready to respond. Many of them had discussed counter-protest ideas on Twitter and on Reddit news threads, with some reportedly planning to encircle the Westboro Baptist Church protesters. Others encouraged Star Trek fans to simply ignore the Westboro Baptist Church protesters at Leonard Nimoy’s funeral, with some saying the protest plans were an indication that he lived a full and complete life.
The church members had already spent much of the week taunting Leonard Nimoy andStar Trek fans on Twitter, posting pictures of the actor in his iconic role as Spock and telling fans that he was now in hell. 

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