Restaurant Owner Forced to Sell Because of Obamacare

Democrats are constantly claiming their failed policies are the best thing ever despite overwhelming evidence that proves otherwise.
It’s no different with Obamacare. If you explain that Obamacare is hurting you, the left will say you’re lying.

Unfortunately for these grubered Democrats, anecdotal evidence is piling up.

Case in point, IHOP restaurant owner Scott Womack who is being forced to sell his businesses off thanks to costs imposed by Obamacare. 
Faced with significant increases in labor costs due to the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), a midwest restaurant owner decided to sell his 16 International House of Pancake locations.
Womack testified before Congress in 2011, after the passage of the ACA, about the impact it would have on his business. At the time, he had 12 IHOP restaurants with about 1000 employees. He had also signed a development agreement, prior to the law’s passage, to add 14 new locations in Ohio.
He testified at the time his plans were now in jeopardy due to the new costs of doing business associated with Obamacare. He explained that profit margins for him range between five and seven percent. He added:
The law [the ACA] is one-size-fits-all for employers, and restaurants don’t fit. Though some restaurant companies offer coverage now, the cost is prohibitive for many employees, and many of their plans will not qualify in 2014.
The only viable alternative is to pay the $2,000 per employee penalty, which is not tax deductible. A quick study of public restaurant companies shows that many did not earn enough in 2010 to pay the penalties and likely will not survive in the future. For my company, these penalties amount to 60% of our earnings, and again, our company is very profitable by industry standards…
Womack told The Daily Signal: “You have to fund your development through your profits…and if you have no profits, you’re not building restaurants.”
He sold his restaurants last year, not going forward with plans to build several new locations, which meant hundreds of lost jobs for those who would have worked in his restaurants and those who would have built and serviced them.

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    Strenuously object? Strenuous objections will not stop Israel. It will take something more material to get its attention, like withholding all the money from USA taxpayers that goes to Israel each and every year . . . that's right, money from a nation struggling with a nightmarish economy! America will strenuously object? Ooooo I'm shaking in fear!

  2. "Democrats are
    constantly claiming their failed policies are the best thing ever
    despite overwhelming evidence that proves otherwise. It’s no different with Obamacare. If you explain that Obamacare is hurting you, the left will say you’re lying."

    And yet fools keep voting for the so-called "opposition" Republicans, that despite having the majority, refused to dismantle and overturn the Lobbyist-composed "Obamacare." They love being Charlie Brown to Lucy's Republican football.

    Why do you suppose that is, "Righties?"

    Clue: they are one and the same party, and those stating different are just a part of the "divide and conquer" strategy to keep us from joining up and removing these criminal cretins from positions of authority.

  3. gingercake5March 24, 2015

    Yes, they are one and the same. Candidates are pre-decided, and winners chosen by the elite. We only think we have free elections.

  4. gingercake5March 24, 2015

    9 11 truth is starting to trickle out. That will start pointing the finger the right direction. Can you imagine what will happen when people find out who was behind it?
    Just this week a man won his case against the BBC. In the UK people have to pay an annual fee to get a TV license. Maybe like us paying our monthly cable bills. Anyway, the guy refused to pay because he said the BBC was a ter rorist organization, and the law stated that no one was to financially support such a thing. His reason for saying this?
    There's a video of a BBC woman reporter standing in front of Building 7 (one of the three that fell in NYC), saying that Building 7 had just fallen. Then the building fell about 20 minutes later. So the plaintiff said she had "foreknowledge" and was part of the ter rorist plot. And the court could not argue with his evidence!! So they threw out the case.
    This is the beginning of many good things to come. People are starting to awaken.
    There are videos of people discussing the impending collapse, including one with the infamous Brian Williams!

    This was a controlled demolition, like the other two. They fell at free-fall speed (no resistance) into their own footprint.
    Who was to blame? You know who.

  5. Danny StrawMarch 24, 2015

    America is over.


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